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  • Day11

    Day 11

    August 15, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Up 7.30 to do washing and start packing.

    Can't believe it's raining today! Not what we planned.

    Booked airport bus for tomorrow and confirmed pick up in LA.

    All sorted by 11ish.

    Out to museum Hyde Park Barracks. Very interesting 3 floors of life since 1800 ish. Convicts slept here and worked during the day and later the building became immigration centre and home for desperate women. Clever people made a lot of money. Rocks became home for immigrants escaping desperate conditions in UK. Great opportunities but lots of vagabonds to deal with! Conditions dire but often better than at home.
    Out to courtyard and inviting cafe. Rain stopped so sat outside and had brisket & chicken pie and tea/coffee €32. Really enjoyed all of it.

    Left 1.30ish. Bus to Bondi Beach came quickly. Walked to Coogee beach via Bronte beach. All lovely but no nicer than other walks along cliffs. Saw lots of colourful birds and a kookaburra. Quite challenging with lots of steps up and down. Probably good day to do this walk because weather not great. Can imagine very busy on sunny day.

    Bus back from Coogee. Very easy. Finished packing then quick jug in Porterhouse 6.15. Meal at Pasta Emilia - very close and we needed something other than chips! Had Peroni then pâté & antipasto then mixed rolled meat (pork, lamb beef with roasted veg) and sausagemeat & pasta. Bottle wine should have been $45 but they didn't charge us for it. Bill was $141 (£85ish). inc tip but no wine! Lovely music - lady playing Spanish guitar and double bass.

    Bought $10 bottle with wine so home 9pm.

    Love this city. Nice people and fortunately fantastic winter weather. Would definitely come back to Sydney and the Cambridge Hotel.
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