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  • Day75

    CANOA !

    January 12, 2017 in Ecuador ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Wow, this place was a dream. The first and last place I can imagine to live there. A white super long beach. The sea perfect to swim as well as surfing. The people relaxed, open and super funny. The hostels which are directly at the beach had so much charm and a looot of hamacks, you came and felt like at home. Every day I had to ask myself if it's really possible to be so happy. I "worked" in a hostel, that means, stay at the reception and have fun with the friends and tourists :P. Every day I went for hours in the water and always met someone who gave me his board to surf or bodyboard. Mostly of the other time I enjoyed the company of the workers from the hostel. One was a woman from france which lives there with her son since some years. Before more or less one year, canoa was destroyed by an earthquake. You still see and feel this huge catastrophe but I had the impression that the people are even more connected and like a big family. The french woman told me the whole story in details. I never heard and imagined an earthquake so realistic. And this woman had so many other storys to tell, I could have listened to her for hours and hours. The other girl which worked there had the same age as me but since one year she lives in Canoa with her boyfriend and is about to buy a ground to build her own home. Wow, do that with 21 years! Yeah and then I met a lot lot other people I really enjoyed to be with. I also did my second and third tattoo. I loooove them, I had the best ideas and just did it. The place inspired me, hehe. I was so sad to leave but life wanted it so.. It's crazy how I miss this place even if I know that when I would go back, it wouldn't be the same. So I'm just really thankful for this unbelievable experience!! :-)Read more

    marianne dreier

    Liebste Sophie, mir scheint deine Begeisterung, dein Berührtsein fliesst durch den Cyber zu mir durch. Ich sehe deine funkelnden Augen vor mir, dein wundervolles Lächeln und vermiss dich sehr... Umarme dich von mir :-D