• Day47


    December 23, 2019 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    It was time to say goodbye - to Daniel and later in the day also to South America. How weird to suddenly be with the 2 of us.

    To actually be allowed to enter New Zealand, we needed to have a flight ticket showing we would intend to leave again. That meant we had to do some research on where we wanted to go afterwards. Australia was next on our list but after some thinking and researching with the good WiFi of the hostel we actually booked a flight to go to Fiji first.

    Once that was settled we decided to be brave and walk a bit through the actual city center of Santiago. It was hot, super crowded, interesting but also made us realize again why we don't really like cities too much. There was a road intersection destroyed by (we assume) protestors, but for the rest the city looked quite functional. Also had a lot of nice street art. We attempted to have a relaxing lunch in a park with Chilean bread, which is way too weak and fluffy, and it didn't take long before an army of pigeons told us this was a bad idea.

    At 16:00 it was time to leave to the airport to start our journey to New Zealand, but not before going the wrong way first.
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