• Day346

    Wildlife Habitat & Breakfast w/Birds

    May 15, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    What an incredible day.

    Lorakeet and Eclectus female
    Yellowtailed black cocky Jacko

    Blacktailed black cocky (female has yellow spots)

    Tia Northern or Tropical Koala, 5yo 4kg about 2/3ds full size
    Monty Carpet python
    Sunshine 14mo freshy twice body size since when born

    Female (Cass 26yo) bigger than male (Airlie 24yo)
    Magpie goose
    Blackneck stork (Aussie's only stork)
    Pukeko (kiwi invader)

    Australian darter Brittany (she spears her food) big long neck golden
    Laughing and bluewing kookaburras
    Black beaked SB is the royal spoonbill
    Tawny frogmouth (not an owl, related to kookaburra)
    Pied herons

    Eastern grey roo 2d largest
    Agile wallaby largest
    Swamp wallaby reddish Stumpy with short tail

    5-6 flying foxes. Gorgeous!

    Attacked by pelican. Drew blood like a papercut. 😂😂😂

    The beast! A person isn't even as big as his tail!

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️

    P.S.: My debit card arrived yesterday. But wait. It has my ex-husband's last name on it, a name I haven't used in over four years and for which I have no i.d. Now they have to send me another one without killing this one. I'll have to find a friend further south to whom they can mail it since I'm leaving here tomorrow. FFS, idiotic dipshits, why is this so difficult for you?! Aarrgghhh!!
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