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  • Day189

    No More Rental Car

    Yesterday in Australia

    I turned in the rental car at the airport this morning and grabbed at taxi back to downtown Hobart to where I am now, Tavern 42 Degrees South. Very yummy brunch and Bloody Marys. And very well deserved after 2,545 kilometers over the past two weeks.

    Nothing else going on today except enjoying my bottom bunk in the hostel. Another crappy weather day, 13°C/55°F and cloudy skies that want to rain.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day188

    Yesterday at MONA was all day. The final show was the outdoor pavilion that displays the light show at sunset (20:40 last night). I left about 21:15 because of mosquitoes, but it was very beautiful and soothing.

    Today has been another wash. I went to Zoodoo Zoo, but it started raining, so I drove back to Hobart to do laundry.

    Now, I'm at my hostel about to check in.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day187

    After the caves, I did indeed visit the hot springs (not hot, maybe because of all the recent rain) and the swimming pool (excellent). I hung out u til the late afternoon, then drove back towards Hobart.

    I've been at MONA all day so far, and have a feeling I will be here for a long time yet. It is absolutely amazing. These are just a few pics/vids, but these don't do it any justice. It is just incredible.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day186

    Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

    December 6 in Australia

    Picking up from yesterday's post, after Donagys Hill, I visited The Wall, an artist's rendering of Tazzy life carved in wood. His best pieces are those of clothing, like trench coats, overalls, and gloves. They look so real, like you could pick them up and wear them. It was hard not to touch them. Oh, the entry road is where I came across the echidna in the video. So cute!

    Then, it was on to Mt. Fields National Park with Russell Falls (pic) and Horseshoe Falls, both excellent. I finally saw my first black cockatoos, the yellow-tailed variety! After four nights in the car and despite my best efforts with baby wipes, I was a little ripe, so I used the Park's campground showers to clean up. They even had hot water! It's the little things in life 😉.

    There was still plenty of daylight, so I began driving to Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs in the pretty deep south, but only made it to Huonville before stopping for night. I'm just finishing up the cave tour and heading to the hot springs and swimming pool for a little while. This was a nice stop so far. And the weather turned out great despite a very foggy and misty morning! Now that I'm at lower altitude, it's beginning to feel like summer. Finally!

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day185

    Eastward Ho

    December 5 in Australia

    Nothing worth mentioning happened after the cruise. It was a wash out after lunch as the rain and fog rolled in again.

    This morning I was up early because of a beautiful sunrise and a very clear day. I was on the road fairly early with many stops planned at walking areas as I make my way east back towards Hobart.

    So far I've stopped at the Spion Kpof Lookout in Queenstown, the Iron Blow Lookout near Gormanston, Nelson Falls, and Donagys Hill, where I'm at now. It is such a gorgeous day. I hope it stays this way the rest of the week!

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day184

    Strahan (pronounced Strawn)

    December 4 in Australia

    Well, I neither found lunch or free WiFi yesterday nor did I go to the whiskey tasting. Instead, I fell asleep in the warm car. When I woke up a couple of hours later, I found that the local restaurants, mainly at hotels, didn't open until 17:30 at the earliest. So, I finished one book and started another until about 17:15. When I got out of the car, I remembered that Australia's longest running play was about to start in the outdoor theater on the side of the Visitor Center. "The Ship That Never Was" has been running continuously for 24 years and it was a blast! A two-man historical comedy running a full audience participation affair. So funny! Afterwards I went to the pub that closed at 21:00. Apparently they all close at 9. Oh well. Back to the car to read.

    Now I'm on the river cruise I mentioned in yesterday's post. The weather is crap. Again. We toured Sarah Island, a harsh convict island (called Hell on Earth) that viciously worked men (slaves) to gather Huon Pine (pronounced Hewn) for shipbuilding, then began building ships themselves (the play is about this, an escape from the island, and a legal dance around the gallows). Having seen the play first helped make it more interesting. I think the rest of the day will be a wash.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day183

    The West Coast

    December 3 in Australia

    So, I made it to the northwest coast to a place in Arthur River called Edge of the World. Before that, I stopped in Stanley, but it was so windy that The Nut chair lift was closed, so I didn't go on top of that great big rock you see in the picture. I also didn't spend the night on that coast.

    Instead, I drove back to Wynyard on the north coast since it was on the way to Cradle Mountain. I had intended to do either a short or medium walk at the mountain depending on the weather. However, when I arrive at about 07:30, it was a mess. Cradle Mountain was in full rain mode with severely limited visibility and only 6°C/42°F. I don't have clothes to be out in that weather for long, so I took a picture of a postcard and headed southwest. Cradle will have to wait until the next trip to Tazzy.

    Now I'm in Strahan on the west coast. I've booked a six-hour river tour for tomorrow, so I'll be here two nights. It's about 13°C/55°F and there's a free parking lot with a public toilet, so staying in the car is not a problem. There's even a whiskey tasting place next door in which I may partake this evening. A little warmth to hold off the chill.

    Off to find some lunch and free WiFi.

    So long [for now] and NO thanks for all the RAIN. ✌️
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  • Day182

    The North Coast

    December 2 in Australia

    Yesterday was great. I got to pet a wombat, spotted quoll, and Tasmanian devil! I bought some food for the birds, wallabies, and roos. The swans and ducks gathered right at my feet although not close enough to touch. There was an adorable little red-neck wallaby who ate right out of my hand. He grabbed my hand with his front paws and chowed down. I could even stroke his neck a little while he ate. But I think the best was a large male kangaroo (a buck). He was lounging in the shade of a tree/bush using a flat rock as a pillow. He was pretty intimidating with his giant hind feet and claws, but I had the bag of food that his nose seemed to recognize. I crept closer and closer, then slowly extended my hand with feed in it. His soft nose brushed against my fingers as he gently licked up the food from my palm. It was incredible.

    After the Wildlife park, I went to Mole Creek Caves that contain, most notably, glow worms. They're really larvae of Fungus Gnats and they are very bright, especially once your eyes have adjusted to the dark. There's also a chamber with the "Palm Tree" because of its shape (it looks so much like one, I guessed its name) and the Cathedral, in which I belted out the first verse and chorus of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Had to be done. 😉

    Another greatest moment of a very full day was in Devonport at 9 pm when I watched Little Penguins come in to feed their chicks. You must use red light so they don't get scared, so the few pictures I took didn't really come out, even after I converted them to black and white. The two attached are one coming out of the water (on the left, dark spot in the surf) and three preening on the beach. They're about a foot tall, the smallest of all penguins, and the only ones native to Australia. I was the only person (other then the three volunteers) who stayed long enough to see one nest where both parents had been out feeding, came back, and fed the two chicks. Magnificent.

    Today has been mostly driving along the northern coast. I've made several stops, but just as I get started on walking around it starts to rain. Then the sun comes back out. Then it rains again. The wind is very high and gusty, and the temperature is about 17°C/62°F. When the sun is out, it's downright hot, but the stupid wind is frigid. Come on, Tazzy, it's summer!

    Interesting fact about Tazzy: it's the world's leading producer of legal poppy (medicinal use). Some of the poppy fields are in bloom, and all of the fields have signs posted identical to the one in the picture. The growing conditions are great, but most of all, this is an island whose borders can be more easily guarded making smuggling on or off the island very difficult.

    Now, I'm at Three Sisters Beach and about to head to the northwest coast where I plan to spend the night. Probably in the car again. Hotels are at least $100 Australian a night and can reach $250 near the tourist draws. Waaaaay too much.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day181

    Westward Ho

    December 1 in Australia

    Launceston was a pretty cool town. I could stay here for much longer than 3 nights, but it's time to move further west. So, today I'm heading to Cradle Mountain, stopping several times to see what there is to see. Right now I'm at the Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary. I've already seen my first wombat, but the full tour starts at 13:00.

    As you can tell by the selfie, I changed my hair yesterday. Just a little bit. 😁 I love it! Okay, more animals to see.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the HAIR DYE. ✌️
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  • Day180

    Haircut Day

    November 30 in Australia

    Yesterday's Tamar River cruise was spectacular! Lots of water fowl with young, such as black swans, and we even spotted three sea eagles, two of which flew right over the boat. The countryside was just as beautiful as it has been since I arrived, but we had real sunshine that made everything glow.

    After the boat, I walked around a bit and.found an amazing place for dinner, Jailhouse Grill. Oysters, salad bar, eye fillet, and even dessert. Expensive but worth it. The building dates to the early 1800s and has been a tavern/restaurant pretty much the entire time. Despite the bars on the windows, it wasn't actually a jail. I was supposed to go to the hash last night, but was so carried away with eating that I missed it. Lol!

    Now I'm eating lunch (although how I have room after that dinner I just don't know) before going for a haircut. Take a good look. It's going to be very different tomorrow. 😉

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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