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  • Day139

    On the boat

    Yesterday in Indonesia

    After seeing the dragons on Rinki Island, we went to Komodo Island and saw more. Then we visited Pink Beach, also on Komodo Island. There were two piglets foraging on the beach. They would wait until our backs were turned, then scamper down, grab something, and hightail it back into the bush. So funny and cute. After the beach, we made our way to a quiet cove for a yummy dinner on the deck and a lulling sleep on the roof.

    This morning, the boat engines started up at an ungodly hour of darkness so we would arrive at Padar Island in time to climb to the top for sunrise. The tour guide woke me up at 0445, and I had already missed breakfast. I got about halfway up, took a picture, and went back to the boat to sleep some more. Wake me up that early when the sun is NOT coming up.

    After that, we snorkled at Manta Point, a spot known for its Manta Rays. Unfortunately, we didn't see any, but it was still nice. I hope my pictures turn out; I can't wear my glasses with goggles.

    Now, we're almost at our last stop, another swimming/snorkeling area by another very small island. The water, reef, and fish are pretty, but no where as gorgeous as at locations around Okinawa, so I'm going to pass on this one and go back to the roof to sleep some more.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day138

    Komodo Dragons!!!!

    October 19 in Indonesia

    Check another one off the bucket list, folks. Absolutely, positively incredible. I really don't have the words for this one.

    We left on an overnight boat from Labuan Bajo around 0830 and arrived here just before 1100.

    All I did yesterday was hang by the pool. Sweet.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the DRAGONS!!! ✌️🦎

  • Day137

    East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

    October 18 in Indonesia

    I am currently on the Indonesian island of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, having arrived at about 9 this morning in an ATR79-600, a prop job. My seat was on the Cut Here line. A little nerve racking. In military prop aircraft, there are dotted lines painted inside where, if they come off the engine while rotating, the props will slice through the fuselage. No person is allowed to stay other than to walk by and there I was, sitting right on the line. Yikes.

    But why did I come here, you ask? It contains the closest airport to 🦎🦎🦎 Komodo National Park, indigenous home of the prehistoric Komodo Dragon, which is where I am going tomorrow!

    Right now, I'm at my hostel, but I can't check in until 2 pm, so I've been forced to sit by the pool with a beer and a book. Terrible. 😉

    Yesterday evening I spent on Kuta Beach for sunset then went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. They've been here for 25 years and have some magnificent guitars and other memorabilia. Nothing from Sting, Collins, or Henley, but still great.

    I'm all set for my dragon excursion and absolutely cannot be more excited. Yet another wildlife adventure learned about in my youth come to fruition.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day136


    October 17 in Indonesia

    I finally made it to the Southern Hemisphere! And it's true! The toilet water swirls counterclockwise! Lol 😂

    At noon, I was on a rented motorbike heading to Tanah Lot, a temple built on the rocks in the ocean. As I'm typing this [about 2 pm], I'm at a restaurant inside the cliffside complex having an Island of the God's "cocktail" (no alcohol) and lunch. The waves are pounding. Man, it's great to be back to the ocean.

    I arrived around 10 pm last night, so by the time I got situated at the hostel, I was beat. I had to go out, though, because there was an open air bar with a band that was absolutely rockin' the house with Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, etc. Great guitars and tremendous singer. I wasn't there long, but it was memorable....

    Now, here's how small the world is. I'm in Bali, Indonesia, for the first time in my life. I meet an American (Henry) who lives in the Republic of Korea. Turns out, he's in the Air Force. Turns out, he was at Volkel Air Base, the Netherlands in 2010. Turns out, he knows a great friend of mine from Okinawa who was also at Volkel. Holy crap, Batman.

    Oh, here's the food!

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️🦎

    P.S.: The rooftop pic is from the breakfast area at my hostel! Yay!
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  • Day134

    Around Town

    October 15 in Brunei

    I did nothing yesterday except search for and not find an ATM. I found one today, though, just in time for lunch. It's called mee goreng, and my first bite was delicious and not so spicy that I can actually eat it. There are fried prawns and a chicken leg. Sadly, two slices of cucumber and one slice of not quite ripe tomato consitutes the salad.

    I'm walking around a little today, and I was at the beautiful mosque at noon, but my true goal is to pack for my flight in the morning...TO BALI! Have I already mentioned this?! 🦎😉

    I have to eliminate some clothing and other things I've gathered along the way or figure out a different way to pack it all. Right now, everything is spread out around the room either drying for being washed in the sink or in piles of Keep, Don't Keep, and the troublesome Maybe. The Malay hashers were almost too nice, giving me four shirts and a sarong. I gave one of them my water container from Yangon's 1600th event, but that doesn't come close to evening things out. I've given or thrown away 6 other shirts and another sarong. It adds up so quickly. Yikes!

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day133

    I just got off the bus from Miri at the waterfront in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capitol of Brunei. This is the first bus stop I've been to that wasn't surrounded by taxi drivers. I guess I'm walking to the hotel. (Only 10 minutes away.)

    I had a great time with the Miri Hash yesterday. Trail was in primary jungle. When we popped out in a clearing with grass well taller than my head, I felt like I was in Jurassic Park and that Velociraptors were going to hunt me if I went into it. Lol. We went to a parkside restaurant afterwards for circle and dinner. One of the hashers runs or owns the place, so lots of beer was provided, naturally. Dinner was a feast of deliciously tender wild boar (better than what I had in Germany), freshly caught snapper, some green chunks that tasted kind of like green beans, and white rice. Yummy!!

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day132

    Saturday is a hashing day!

    October 13 in Malaysia

    [I gave breakfast a second chance. Nope. Two slices of toast again, this time with one burnt.]

    I had a great time walking around yesterday, visiting most of the nearby tourist sites. I was caught in the rain while walking out to the seahorse lighthouse, but it wasn't heavy enough to get my phone wet. Who cares about the hair or clothes, right? Priorities.

    I'm sitting in Pizza Hut again, which is next door to this Kenny Rogers place I've never heard of before. It is very difficult to find fresh salad in restaurants, and PH does a Ceasar salad...with Thousand Island dressing and chicken bacon (almost no pork here).

    Anyway, the hasher I've made contact with is picking me up at 3, so I'm eating then packing until then.

    My bus to Brunei leaves at 8 in the morning, but I'm not really looking forward to going there. Hard core Muslim, so no nightlife/bars/music at all. And it's expensive. The cheapest accommodation I could find was $35 US per night. Luckily, I'm only there two nights until my flight...TO BALI!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊 🦎 [Explanation of the lizard will come later, fingers crossed 😉.]

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day131

    Walking in Miri

    October 12 in Malaysia

    Well, breakfast sucked. Two pieces of toast and tea. The lady was really put out that I wanted something to eat, even though it comes with the lodging. Wow.

    I'm on my way to KFC again to get some real food. I still haven't gotten that chicken and waffle sandwich; I stick to the bowl. After food, I'm planning a self-guided walking tour of the city center and probably a Grab ride to the beach area and the Coco Cabana place, which is one of the big tourist places here.

    I went to a restaurant/bar across the street from my hostel last night. They serve Kilkenny (my absolute all-time favorite beer in the world), so I'll be back again tonight. The sign in the pictures was in the bathroom. Ha ha ha!!

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day130

    Bus to Miri

    October 11 in Malaysia

    I'm on a bus bound for Miri. Yesterday was uneventful. I spent about two hours trying to figure out how to add another seven days to my cell phone sim card, an adventure that ended in a 7-Eleven. I should know by now to go there first for everything.

    I was up really early this morning, 4:30. Yuck. I want to leave the hotel by 5 to get a Grab to the bus station before 5:30 to get my ticket printed for the 6 am bus. I thought I could just leave the hotel. Nope. The steel bar door at the top of the stairs--the only exit--was not just closed; it was padlocked shut. Fortunately, the proprietor lived in the very first room, so I was able to wake him up to let me out. I have to admit, fire exits are something the US takes for granted. I the bus station in plenty of time, but still. Wow.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️

    P.S.: I did go to Pizza Hut and had a nice salad...then got two McDonald's cheeseburgers to take to the room for breakfast. I'm good and bad. 🤣
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