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  • Day2


    March 17, 2018 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Arriving at Ishigaki airport I could immediately make out this tall giant within this crowd of tiny Asian people :-). René gave me a very warm welcome and since we were both a little hungry I had my first Japanese snack at the airport with some nice Fleischkäse-Maki^^

    This day we rented a small Honda to discover Ishigaki Island. Just going by car crossing the island was already quite beautiful, even thought it was cloudy and rained a little. Nevertheless we went to a small Mangrove Forest, watched hermit crabs and Frogs jumping without legs :D
    Unfortunately we didn’t have do much time to discover the while Island... Afterwards we went to cute palm grove with trees that only grow here in Ishigaki. At that place some Japanese farmers were producing sap from sugarcane and we bought some absolutely delicious mixed juices there! The last stop before we had to return the car was a main temple of the island which happened to be not so spectactular, but it was already quite dark at this time.

    Then we returned the car and bought some sushi for breakfast at a supermarket. We checked in at our hostel and René exchanged many quick japanese Words with tje receptionist. This Lady was then showing is a small room with some maps near the kitchen, which ich I mistook as a meditation room but turned out to be our room. No furniture except a small cupboard with even smaller TV. Original Japanese and quite interesting experience.

    In the evening we went out to discover the city and found the small red light district and went to the harbour district where went to a cool place with many different small bars and hat sole traditional Japanese snacks with sufficiant sake!^^
    Tomorrow we will take a ferry and discover the next Island - Hateruma!
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