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  • May22

    Aftermath of the Spring Snowstorm

    May 22 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 36 °F

    It really is a good thing that we did not get caught out in this storm while on our loosely-planned RV getaway. Digging out would not have been fun!

    It snowed all afternoon and into the night on Friday, 20 May. And much of the day yesterday, though the big fat flakes that were falling throughout the storm had changed over to “snow dust” by the time I took most of the photos yesterday morning. I measured 8 inches of compacted snow … the official reports for our area say we got 12 inches.

    And now, on Sunday morning, it’s snowing again … big fat flakes flying about. But nothing is sticking. We expect this second snowfall to be a non-event.

    Oddly, we had a snowstorm on May 19-20 three years ago as well. Exact same dates. Facebook reminded me of that storm yesterday. It was a bigger event … with much more accumulation. Even the pavement and driveway were packed. I’ve added a “reminiscence” collage of that storm to this footprint … but you can see more from that storm @ this link …
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    Russ Krecklow

    Glad to see you home during that storm. Weird weather. 90 degrees back east in places. Hope your satellite dish didn't get frozen this time. Hope you and Mui are feeling better now. Take zinc.

    Two to Travel

    We do daily zinc … especially when traveling. We’re fine and out of “COVID jail.”

    Liz Wicks

    I have a nephew and his family who live in Colorado Springs who shared similar photos. Yikes! Hope you both are feeling better.

    Two to Travel

    Much better … never felt like it was more than a mild head cold.

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  • May20


    May 20 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 37 °F

    It's really not unknown for it to snow in Colorado in May. And while the snow, and the rain that is forecasted to follow on the Plains, has pretty much put the kibosh on our loose plans for an RV getaway, we're not complaining. We really need the precipitation to help with the drought ... and with the wildfires that are burning around the state.

    Here's the deal for this snowstorm. The white stuff was supposed to arrive after 1:00p, but we've already had some light bands come through. Nothing is really sticking at the moment. But that is expected to change.

    For the area we're in (see the bracketed portion of the forecast map), the forecast calls for anywhere from 8" to 18" (for readers who use the metric system, that is 20-45 cm). Will we get that much? We have to wait and see.

    The good news? The snow removal team contracted by our subdivision will be clearing any accumulation of this wet and heavy snow, so Mui won't have to break out the snowblower ...🤞🏻

    In the meantime, Mui's had to re-winterize the Cruiser this morning since nighttime temps are supposed to fall below freezing for a few nights. No need to borrow trouble when the process is pretty easy to do with this rig.

    Can we say lesson learned? Unless we're leaving Colorado for warmer climes, we should plan on keeping the RV winterized through May!

    P.S. Update on our COVID-19 situation. We remain pretty much symptom-free. What with the snow and all, we'll quarantine through the weekend since it will be no hardship to do so. And then ... resume life as before ... masking up when we are around people.
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  • May17


    May 17 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

    On the last trip I was posting on FindPenguins (our European Crossing and Turkey adventure), I noticed that there seemed to be a problem with email notifications.

    I wonder if the problem is persisting with this trip — or any others to which I might be posting footprints. I'd really appreciate it if you could leave a comment to let me know if you are seeing notifications and whether they are through the app, email, or both.

    (The photo I've added to this post explains how notifications are supposed to work ... either through email or the app.)

    OH! And by the way ... COVID-19 wise, all is well with Mui and me. Fairly symptom-free at this point ... 6 days into being "DETECTED."
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    I am happy to hear you and Mui are doing well. Sadly, Caitlin tested positive today, so it's still going around the ship. I receive your post notifications through the app within minutes of when you post.

    Two to Travel

    So sorry to hear about Caitlin testing positive. Hopefully, she has an easy time with it. It's so frustrating to go all this time without getting the virus, but inevitable now I think with so many of the precautions being thrown out the window.


    I receive notifications through the app

    Two to Travel


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  • May15


    May 15 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    If you were wondering why there were no footprints from our Denver getaway with the Phoenix Cruise, wonder no more. The trip didn't happen!

    Mui and I both tested positive for COVID-19. Yup ... after managing to avoid the dreaded virus for two years, we fell victim to the Omicron variant ... likely to the latest version of the variant as that is the one most prevalent at the moment. And also the most contagious.

    Where and how we were infected is impossible to track down. We are vaxed and boosted, and masked up indoors and in crowded places throughout our overseas trip. We also tested negative on Sunday in order to fly back to the USA on Monday. Since symptoms can take anywhere from 2-12 days to show up, I guess we will be left wondering about the source of the infection.

    The short story is that I tested positive Wednesday night with a home antigen kit ... and again Thursday morning. Mui was negative both times. We went to the UC Health lab and had PCR tests done Thursday. Friday afternoon we got the results ... "DETECTED" ... for both of us.

    We're both feeling fine. Mui was a bit sluggish and slept most of Thursday, but had his energy back by the next day. Other than that, our symptoms are not unlike that of a cold ... a very mild cold at that. We seem to be improving daily.

    The takeaway from our virtual doc consult is to quarantine for five days, and if we are feeling better, we can break quarantine provided we mask up. If we are not feeling better, we continue to quarantine for another five days. After that, we're in the clear. No testing is needed. In fact, the doctor said not to do a PCR test because even though we'll no longer be contagious, the test may show us positive for weeks to come. We'll probably break out a home antigen kit for our own peace of mind, though.

    So, what have we been doing since testing positive? Making plans for other RV getaways and polishing plans for our fall road trip. That means that eventually footprints will begin showing up.
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    Glad you are not sick with severe symptoms. Doesn’t matter how you were infected. Just continue to heal [Marjie]

    Liz Wicks

    Oh, no! Hope you test negative soon. Feel better quickly.

    Two to Travel

    If not for the positive test result, I wouldn’t know anything was wrong. Even the cough is gone now.

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  • May11

    Prepping for 2022

    May 11 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

    We've only been back from our EuroCrossing and Turkey trip for a day and a half. But we're already preparing for a short getaway with the RV. We won't be going far ... just up to Denver.

    The Phoenix Cruiser is all shiny after Mui gave it a bath this morning. He has also de-winterized the rig in preparation for tomorrow's departure. There's more to do, but we'll take care of much of that while we are at the campground. For now, all that remains is to load up some food fixings and clothes to get us through the few short days we'll be gone.Read more

    You guys are so adventurous!! I love that you're already ready to travel again, :-)

    What a sweet looking rig you've got there! I thought you had an A Class. Glad you're back in the States again. We are too, after 122 days on the Viking Star. We LOVED our two stops in Turkey--Kusadasi and Istanbul. The people are wonderful--so welcoming and friendly. Topkapi Palace was fascinating, but the highlight for me was the Hagia Sophia. Hope to go back to see more someday...Have fun in Denver! [Diana]

  • Day53

    Home Sweet Home

    May 10 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 68 °F

    We’re back home! As much as we love traveling to lands distant and near, it’s always a delight to return home.

    Our flight from IAH to COS was on time and uneventful … but it sure was cold on the aircraft. The flight attendant had an ingenious method to help me stay warm. She filled a plastic water bottle with hot water, put a latex glove over it to create an extra layer of heat protection, and put the bottle in a paper cup so I could hold it without burning myself.

    Once we landed at 1:30p and collected our bags, an Uber whisked us home.

    Thus our 53-day trip has drawn to a close. We had a wonderful time … both on the cruise and with family in Turkey. Now, to get settled and plan for our next trip.
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  • Day53

    Travel Day 2 … Onward to COS

    May 10 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    We’ve checked out of the Marriott and are on our way home … should be pulling into the driveway by 2:30p if all goes as scheduled.

    Normally we walk the underground pedestrian path from the hotel to the terminal. But the path is carpeted and the wheels on one of the bags have gone askew and aren’t rolling well. So, the subway it is today.Read more

  • Day52

    Welcome to Houston

    May 9 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    Day 1 of our travels back to the US is now completed. We’ve checked in and settled into our room at the Marriott IAH … connected to George Bush Intercontinental Airport via a subway. Easy peasy.

    TK33 from IST to IAH was uneventful. We had a five minute delay leaving the gate at IST, but were on the ground at IAH 15-20 minutes early. It’s nice to see that the service in the business class cabin is back to its pre-pandemic levels. Mui, as he often does, slept between the two meal services … I watched a couple of movies, did a bit of journaling and reading, and tried to nap to no avail. No matter, the flight went by fast.

    Immigration was easy. IAH has biometric recognition at the Global Entry kiosks, so we were through in no time at all. Unlike in December, when our bags took forever to come onto the luggage carousel, this time we were lugging our bags out within minutes of arriving at baggage claim. A couple of escalators down and right onto a subway car. Perfect timing.

    The plan is to stay up at least until 9:00p to minimize the effects of jet lag after losing 9 hours in the span of a 12-hour flight. Our flight home tomorrow is not until noon, so we should get a good night’s rest.
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  • Day52

    Whiling Away Time @ IST

    May 9 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    An uneventful flight from ADB to IST.

    The aircraft pushed back on time at 8:50a … in the air seconds after 9:00a … breakfast on our trays by 9:09a … pilot announced descent into IST at 9:27a … rolling down the arrival runway at IST 9:49a … deplaned at the domestic terminal around 10:05a. Then, a long walk to the immigration checkpoint for international passengers … followed by a few minutes to get through the security checkpoint to enter the international terminal.

    Thus, formalities completed, we’re now ensconced in the THY business class lounge, whiling away the time until our long haul flight at 2:10p. Delicious food; beverages plentiful and varied. The lounge definitely lives up to all the hype.

    Fingers crossed for an on time departure and smooth flight to Houston, Texas.

    More later …
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  • Day52

    At ADB

    May 9 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 55 °F

    Mui had arranged for a taxi to pick us up from Mom’s at 6:30a. But we were ready by 6:00a, so he walked over to the corner to see if the cab could pick us up early. The driver was, in fact, ready. We bid mom farewell — until next year. Loaded up the bags. And were on our way to Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB) by 6:15a. Forty five minutes later, we were through the security checkpoint at the entrance to the domestic terminal.

    In recent years, whenever we use United miles for THY tickets, we run into problems at the check-in counter. Namely, the reservation in the system shows no luggage allowance. That requires the agent to call someone who has the authority to fix things in the computer so that the bags can be checked. It took about 20-30 minutes, but finally the deed was done. The rest of the formalities were easy peasy as, at this hour, ADB is fairly quiet … especially if you arrive with plenty of time to spare.

    We’re now ensconced at Gate 241. Our “winged chariot” has yet to arrive. Time to relax.

    More later …
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