• Day52


    December 20, 2017 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Montañita, a little town with a beach and many Hostels.
    So what's so special about this place?

    First hostel: Iguana Backpackers
    OK, I'm not really picky, but here I didn't feel like staying for long.
    But despite of that, it's become kinda a little home for me. Went there almost every evening.
    Met so many people here (Marcus, Kim, Ellie, Douwe, Leonie, Kat, Cat,....) and many more.
    Love you all!

    I booked the rest of the 2 weeks in Kiwi Hostel.
    And man the view is amazing. Nice People all over again(Omar, Laura, Jota, Mate, Sam, Shelby, Picachu...) Sry, but I don't have the space here to mention all of you guys and chicas.
    Just know, I won't forget you.

    I feel good here, I really do.. and I fell in love with all of you backpackers and hostel members...
    I won't forget you ever.
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