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  • Day74

    Bali - day 29

    May 13, Java Sea ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Today we woke up feeling very hungover lol. Chatted to a girl from our room on the rooftop and drank tea before heading to meet our bestie Hannah from Australia!! Was so so fun to see eachother here! Went for the yummiest breakfast at Beach Bowl Bali together and then chilled at her hotel pool chatting and catching up - we have missed eachother so much lol!! Then had to say bye to her and headed to the airport to catch our flight to Vietnam! The plane was tiny with no legroom lol haha! Bali has been so incredible, views and people we’ve met have been amazing, never wanna leave! But bring on Vietnam! :)Read more

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  • Day73

    Bali - day 28

    May 12 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we got up and headed to Kuta! Checked into our hostel Bali caps and did some well needed washing and sorted out our Vietnam visas! Today was our last day in Bali :( we chilled on the hostel rooftop sunbathing and then headed out for some yummy dinner. Got ready and then got in a taxi to go to Single Fin beach club for the evening. It was an outdoor club right on the edge of a cliff and was so so FUN. Had some pre drinks and then headed in with all the people from our hostel in Uluwatu who we spent yesterday with- was so much fun all being together again!! Had the best evening all together and then had to say bye to Gina and all our hostel friends which was so sad :( such a fun night out - best final night we could have ever asked for!Read more

  • Day72

    Bali - day 27

    May 11 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌬 30 °C

    Today was such a good day in Uluwatu. Woke up early and a group of 9 of us all headed down to Padang Padang beach (hidden beach). We all had the most delicious smoothie bowls in a cafe nearby and then headed down to the beaut beach. A couple of them rented surfboards and surfed and we swam and chatted all together. At about 1 we all headed back to the hostel to get ready and then all got on a party bus (25 of us) to a place called OMNIA Bali! It was so fancy and so much fun and the hostel got us in for free - we had the literal best day here. Got a free cocktail and the place was on the edge of a cliff with an infinity pool! We danced all afternoon to the best DJ with a huge group from our hostel and then headed back to the hostel for free dinner later on. Played the most intense game of beer pong with the boys from our hostel and then all chatted all evening! The best day :)Read more

  • Day71

    Bali - day 26

    May 10 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Today we got up and got a ferry to our next Indonesian island for a quick day tour! We arrived in Nusa Lembongan at about 8.30am after getting a local ferry over! Got in the most hilarious van car thing to dream beach which really was a dream. Spent the day here sunbathing, having a yummy beach lunch and swimming in the sea! Was incredible. We then had a hideous walk to mushroom bay in midday heat with our bags which took us ages we thought we were gonna die lol! Had a drink at a beach bar and then got on our ferry back to Bali! Arrived in Uluwatu at about 4pm and checked into our new hostel SRs backpackers! Had free dinner at the hostel and met so many people, our friend Gina then checked in and we spent the evening having a proper catch up with her as we hadn’t seen her in a month! Such a nice day!Read more

  • Day70

    Bali - day 25

    May 9, Java Sea ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Today was the BEST day ever!!!! Met up with our friends we met yesterday and we had rented a car and driver for the day to do the west coast of the island. We started off going to Klingking Beach which was just as beautiful as all the pictures we’d seen, walked down the steep steps and saw some monkeys! We then headed to angels billabong and broken beach which were also both so beautiful - the water was so blue! After this we headed to Crystal bay where we had lunch all together and swam in the sea! Headed back to the hostel and chilled by the pool, knackered from the day! Millie and I then very spontaneously decided we wanted to see the sun set so we quickly rented mopeds and rode down to Crystal bay again to see the most beautiful sunset ever! Stopped on the way home at a restaurant for some well needed dinner and ended up bumping into our really good friend Gina from Australia here - so fun!Read more

  • Day69

    Bali - day 24

    May 8, Java Sea ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we got up early ish and headed down to the port to leave Gili Air! Had breakfast on the boat and arrived at our next island Nusa Penida at lunch time. Checked into our beaut hostel Nuansa Penida hostel and got cold tea and snacks on arrival, very fancy! We chilled here and met some really nice girls who we decided to spend tomorrow with! had some lunch and then rented mopeds to ride the east coast of the island. The island is actually huge so we rode through so many villages on the way which was amazing to see some proper Balinese villages. We eventually reached Thousand Island viewpoint after a very bumpy ride which was just incredible. The view was insane we were in love! We then headed down a very scary footpath (Mummy would have hated it) to Diamond beach and this was just as amazing, one of the best beaches I have ever ever been to. Watched as the sun set and then rode back to our hostel; the ride was so much fun as the sun went amazing colours and we stopped at a restaurant on the beach front on the way back for some dinner! Best day, we love Nusa Penida already!Read more

  • Day68

    Bali - day 23

    May 7 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Today was our final day in Gili Air and we were so sad. This place is so tiny and quiet with way less tourists than Bali - it has felt like a proper paradise! Spent the day with our hostel friends chilling and chatting. We then walked the whole island as the sun set, it was so beaut! Sat at the cutest restaurant for dinner and ate as the sun was setting and used this fancy hotels pool which was lucky! We then walked to another outdoor cinema and this one was incredible on the beach with the most starry sky ever! Sat and watched the film LION which was amazing and we even saw a shooting star as we were watching it! Such a good final day here!Read more

  • Day66

    Bali - day 22

    May 5 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 31 °C

    Today was really good, we went to our favourite french cafe for breakfast and then chilled by the pool for the day as the weather was incredible! Met a really nice girl from broadstairs and her parents own The cafe on the beach next to Viking bay! Had a ping pong tournament at the hostel which was funny. Spent the day chatting to her and her boyfriend and then there was the biggest rainstorm. Sat in the huts outside chatting to people from our hostel waiting for the rain to pass and then headed for dinner in the cutest restaurant ever with friends from the hostel. Had to wade through puddles to this restaurant but Ramadan started today so it was the only one open!Read more

  • Day66

    Bali - day 21

    May 5 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Today we woke up - our first morning on this beautiful island! Went for a crepe for breakfast at a delicious place called breadicious which is owned by an Italian man who lives here and wanted good breakfast so started his own cafe! We relaxed round the pool and met so many people. Put friends from Gili T left which was sad! We then headed to the beach for a little date night and had dinner with an incredible sunset. Came back and chilled at the hostel with everyone - such a fun day!Read more

  • Day65

    Bali - day 20

    May 4 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Today we checked out of our hostel and got on a glass bottom boat with all our bags to go snorkelling! It cost us £5 for the whole day which was a bargain. Saw turtles, these amazing statues in the water and so many fish in the clearest sea ever!! Was so cool. We then got dropped at our next destination Gili Air. got rather sweaty walking to the hostel but Gili Air is literal paradise - a really chilled out tiny quiet island! Our hostel is lots of small shacks which are so cute! We bumped into our friends from Gili T so went for sunset drinks and had a delicious mexican for dinner all together - was so much fun! During the meal there was a 20 minute power cut which apparently happens most days was so funny.Read more

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