• Day12

    Dominica - A magical place

    February 20 in Dominica ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Back on my favorite island of the caribbean islands - Dominica. Such a magical place. So many cool spots to explore. Dominica still battles the after effects of Hurricane Maria from 2017. A lot of the green nature has newly grown within the last two and a half years. Crazy seeing how green the island must been compared to now. And the people are so incredible nice.

    If you wanna experience their way of life and their love for music, pop into the Ruins bar, right at the port of Roseau. Such a vibrant place although it literally is a ruin after the hurricane. However, they play live music and the atmosphere is just so nice.

    Today my shore excursion brought me to the Trafalgar Falls. Two waterfalls from two different water sources. The higher one is called Papa Fall. It’s origin comes from the freshwater lake. The smaller but thicker one is the mama fall. Its origin comes from the Breakfast river.

    Next stop was once again my favorite spot on the island: Titou Gorge. It’s a place they filmed a scene of Pirates of Caribbean. It’s a canyon you can swim through to get to a waterfall that lays within. For the first minute the water is ice cold but your body pretty quickly gets used to it. Always again stunning. The current of the waterfall was pretty strong today due the rainfall.
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