• Day8

    Don't trust the Pöbel!!!

    June 27, 2016 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Day 2 marked our only full day of sightseeing in Prague, and after sleeping in (which was necessary and well deserved, to be sure) we got up and prepared for our day. We packed a lunch, snacks and wine and headed out to The St Charles Bridge once again to explore the other side.

    First stop was Saint Nicholas Cathedral, BEAUTIFUL church where Shaunessas boyfriend got baptised aa a child! Honestly it was awe inspiring in both its scale and artwork. Shaunessa went inaide to see the place that Niki was baptised, and we sat on the steps afterwards people watching and drinking coffees for a bit.

    Next, we climbed up a GIANT staircase/hill to get to the top and see the Prague Castle. Oh. My. God. Honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I had to just sit there and enjoy the view and take it all in.

    After, we walked around and found a beautiful to have our picnic of peanut butter and banana sandwiches, cucumbers, and $3 wine out of a 2 litre bottle before doing some heavy duty souvenir shopping. After, we felt a little hungry for something sweet so we ventured over to grab ANOTHER AMAZING ICE CREAM DONUT CONE AHHHHHHH. I could eat them forever.

    While sitting outside onf the bench (again) the same Canadians from the day before walked by (...again!). We chatted (again) before they had to go on their way (...again). As we were finishing up, a German man came to take a picture of thebsign hanging above our heads that said "Blizzard" while laughing. Well obviously we had to ask what was so funny, and he told us in German that is the word for going to the bathroom when drunk. Ollie (the German) and his friend were there with their soccer. Team on their annual end of season getaway. This was their last night and they wanted to party.. But the rookies on the team (also known as Pöbel) were not to be trusted at any cost. We decided that, as Canadians, we needed to determin who was the king of the Pöbel (Wo Ist der König des Pöbels (pronounced like "ver isht des konis desh poobells)) so we knew who not to trust.

    The Germans took us to a bar, they taught us how to speak German, and we had an amazing time. ... German's know how to party.

    After a long, wondeful walk home (thanks mama Tay) we got back safe and sound at the wee hpurs od the morning to get ... Oh about 2.5 hours sleep.

    Talk to you tomorrow!
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