March 2017
  • Day3

    A super holi celebration

    March 14, 2017 in India ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Usha Ascot had made a lovely arrangement for holi celebration by giving us a cool dj, holi colours, thandai and ground to play with the monkeys just around ..
    A holi with crazy cousins can be super fun.. we played and danced to tune of latest pops as well as garba and then hungry us had food and some more foods out (maggi, chaats and wada pav)Read more

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  • Day3

    Encounter with our ancestors !

    March 14, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Monkey mania - I had a very funny but memorable experience with the "gunda" monkeys (besides them snaching away our food and clothes hanging in our rooms - that's considered as normal there)!!
    Our rooms had beautiful balconies with breakfast table facing the common ground with slider glass doors which needed to be closed n locked always to avoid invasion of monkeys inside the rooms and messing the whole room making them look like there have been burglurs whov looted everything and left this room behind ! Once i was just looking for Paras n other guys from the balcony very carefully keeping the doors almost closed so the monkeys donnt feel invited. But no sooner than i stepped out, i was spotted !!
    Immiately a monkey jumped in right in front of me ! Staring and screaming at me ! Offcourse i got scared ! But remembered the hotel staff's advise to shoo them off with scary shouts and act throwing something on them.. ! In a rush to get inside without letting it get in behind me, i ended up locking the door instead of opening it !
    Goshh !!! Goofed it up compeletely. Now i was locked in my own balcony with this hulligan monkey ! It was super active, fearless and all charged up ! I had nothing but my sling bag with my valuables in it and in an instinctive stimulus, i shouted loud and tried to scare them off with my bag... But it got more interested in the bag instead !! Soon it called its friend too which came instantly n then they tried to grab it from me.. ohh now its two vs one ! N dont know how many more can surround me from the tree just opposite the balcony.
    i kept shouting and saving my bag and they were looking at it hungryly and jumping like ready to pounce. I told them therz nothing in it to eat !! But they didnt seem to trust me :(
    Finally realising that my shouts of "hatttt.. and hurrrr..." and threats with bag is having no impact at all, i piked up the only other prop left in the balcony - "the chair" to shoo them off ! Shouting out to Paras frantically ! Paras who was down there somewhere in the common ground with Dhaval n ina didnt take my shouts seriously and replied "im not coming :-P ! " n on my begging to pls come he finally came n saw me .. he asked for the room keys n i told him im locked N hel have to take spare key from the hotel.. just do something i said..
    hahhh the monkeys fled by the chair threat and before they came back to war with me with a bigger battalion, paras managed to open the room n free me..... !!! Everyone down who saw n heard me had a blast laughing !! 😁 N paras had just one word to tell me - 😗 Popat ! 😆
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  • Day2

    shopping and dining and games and family

    March 13, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Matheran can be summed up with the following 10 words
    #hills&valleys #ChillwithFamily #trekking #Photography #indoor&outdoorgames #BeSafeFromMonkeys #Horseriding #CoolClimate #Toytrain #ASimpleWeekendBreak
    Going prepared with a few games can be of great use.. like although the resort had organised hosted games for all, we had carried a few one minute games(which mum plays in her kitty), taboo, playing cards etc
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  • Day1

    on the way to the top

    March 12, 2017 in India ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Simple Trek to the resorts on the hill top..
    While driving from vapi, we took the navi mumbai -karjat route and found it was much better than the kayan one ! On the way we felt nostalgic coming accross the studio where jodha akbar was shot, sugarcane juice stall where we had it on our last camp to bhivpuri with anee n happy.. on reaching the base, it showed parking full board at the top, but we still drove up hoping to find a place and we did ! Hiring a coolie for my 1 bag (£300), paras n me started the walk which was for about 45 mins but we took an hour as we came strolling n having kachi keri, etc n enjoying the walk. Elder members can hire a hand auto (£600 with luggage)as the toy trains were not in operation.Read more