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  • Day92

    Wellington, New Zealand

    January 3, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    After a couple of full days of excitement we put our heads down with some heavier days filled with singing and dancing in our hybrid immersed in the world of various snacks. I made Beth stay up until midnight on New Years drinking a cheap bottle of wine and watching Netflix(which is a rare treat out here with the wifi).
    The South Island is a lot larger than the North one, with the busy season in full effect here, so we have tried to dodge the masses. A short layover in Wellington having gusty winds averaging 40+ knots all day, watching birds struggling to stand up straight and the tin can we call home being blown all over the road haphazardly. It was eerily similar to Vancouver, the buildings, traffic, the stores, we felt like we were home all of over again with a deja vu type feeling. All except the falsely inflamed ego of real estate followed by most people constantly moaning about the weather. They have really figured traffic out here having little or no lights in their intersections, rather single or double lane roundabouts making traffic flow more smoothly making travelling so much more efficient. The boat ride to Picton was riddled with swells and rain, making our heads bob up and down with the slightest nausea (or rather, massively terrible nausea for Beth).
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