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  • Day4

    And so onto Paris

    August 9, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Our last night spent in Amsterdam we walked the Red Light District and was amazed at how many people there were. Had dinner overlooking the canal and wandered through the streets. Such an amazing place, very relaxed and we didn’t experience any negative vibes as we had been warned there might be pick pockets etc. As we walked back we went into a Coffee Shop frequented by the locals and experienced some of the local culture and Pete experienced some of the local coffee specials 😉😉. We both agree that Amsterdam is somewhere we could return and spend more time exploring.

    In the morning we had an early start and we headed to the station for our first international train trip. We had bought a second hand bike lock at a market so when we boarded the train we locked our luggage to the storage unit and didn’t have to worry about it going missing. We were in a first class compartment with free wifi and seats with heaps of room. An easy trip from Amsterdam to Paris. The tricky bit was then navigating the Metro with our luggage. My arm muscles were screaming as we carried our bags up lots of stairs, but we made it! It was raining slightly when we got out of the station but we made it to our hotel with minimal fuss.

    It absolutely poured down as we walked to find food and coffee and so we were forced to stop for a glass of wine to wait out the storm. Found some food and then Pete headed out to explore and I went out to find the wine, bread and cheese. As always had to buy the glasses, a bottle opener and knife, but it was worth it! Tonight we will walk the streets looking for a bistro for dinner and an early night before we head out tomorrow for the next big adventure!
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