• Day24

    From Athens to Santorini

    August 29, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Who says we are lazy? Up at 7.00 for breakfast then waiting at the gates of the Acropolis at 8.00am. Method to our madness - beat the heat and the crowds!! It was a great time to go there was no queues and the heat was bearable. Amazing sights and history. By the time we were leaving there were thousands of people and we couldn’t wait to get out of there. Still you can’t go to Athens without seeing the Acropolis.

    After getting organised we headed off to the airport again, but this time took the Metro, which was easy and only cost 20 Euro against the taxi which was 55. Made it easily to the airport and again sat around for hours but it was worth it, arriving in Santorini made the airport boredom disappear.

    We caught a taxi to our apartment which is just amazing with an incredible view from our balcony of the sea and the Caldera. Absolutely heaven. Amazing place and the scenery is gorgeous.

    There is one photo of me reclining and trying to look like a model. We laughed and laughed about this one because everywhere we go there are gorgeous girls flicking their hair and posing for photos. They get in your way and you get dirty looks if you dare to get in the way. So we decided to do our own, who says a 60 year old can’t compete!😂😂 well maybe not compete but we had a good laugh.

    Of course we have taken hundreds of photos because you want to capture everything you see which is impossible. But we had dinner on a cliff side and watched the sunset on our first night in Santorini.
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