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  • Day26

    Cruising the Caldera

    August 31, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    It was just perfect to sleep the night with the French doors wide open and wake up to the great view. Another wonderful breakfast and then I settled in to read for a bit. Pete went out to find a laundry while I spent a lazy hour reading and relaxing. When he got back hot we went upstairs for a swim before heading out for our cruise on a yacht.

    We went down to the old port via the scary cable car, and waited for our boat. Once on board we headed out, first stop is the volcano, unfortunately I didn’t have walking shoes so I didn’t have to walk the hour in the heat, up to the top. Lucky Pete did so he could take the photos and tell me the history.
    When we moved on we went to an area by boat that had hot springs. Great fun jumping in the sea, once I talked myself into it!! We swam down a narrow section to where there was warm water and the red mud that they say is good for you. Then back to the boat, and we headed off to the next port where we moored and ate dinner and swam a bit more.

    We headed to another area after dinner and watched the amazing sunset. It was a bit windy and the boat rocked a bit but it was very romantic and we arrived back at the port, tired but happy.

    Went to the cable car to return back to the apartment but was told the cable car was undergoing maintenance. 😩😩 ok so we went and had a drink and snack at a bar at the port until we saw the cable car moving. So off we went to the station, we were the only ones there. We had to sit and wait while they pottered around starting and stopping the engines and conversing in Greek with lots of hand shaking. I was not feeling confident when they finally said ok you can get on now🤨🤨 so I asked are we going to die, they laughed and one of the men got on with us and said we die together!!

    Obviously we didn’t die, though I was really glad to have my feet back on the ground. We walked home and collapsed into bed. Another day in paradise.
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