• Day14

    We had a great day exploring San Fran, the only bad part was that the weather was very miserable and the fog was so heavy we couldn't see the Golden Gate Bridge! So we are off to see that today. We went and seen the painted ladies which is a group of really old houses that are painted different colours they are very pretty to see. Before dinner we went to see Pier 39 and the sea lions that live just off the deck.
    We went out for dinner at boudins for a soup in a sour dough bowl which was a great idea considering the weather.
    After dinner we went to an arcade inside of a bar which was fun, and then home to bed to get well rested ready for Alcatraz.
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  • Day12

    We had a great day skiing today! It is a lot different from skiing in Australia that's for sure, you catch a lift called a gondola up to the slopes from the closest town.
    They haven't had a lot of snow fall yet but we were lucky because it snowed today, the views from the lifts were spectacular!
    We headed home from the slopes and did some washing and got some takeaway Mexican with a few new friends and are ready to get to bed. Very keen for another day up there tomorrow!Read more

  • Day11

    What a big day! We left Vegas early this morning and have been driving all day towards Lake Tahoe, it was a good day to catch up on some rest from our big couple of days.
    Last night we went on a massive Ferris wheel called the high roller in Las Vegas it was awesome, each big cart carries 20 odd people and there is a bar in the centre. It was amazing to see the city at night from the cart the views were just unreal. We then headed to the show we had organised to see by Cirque Du Seoul with our Cessnock friends, it was hilarious a drag queen ran the show, have I said enough...
    Once the show was over we headed to dinner at a rooftop bar across from the Bellagio which gave us the best view of the water show out the front of the casino. We then headed to both the Bellagio and Caesars Palace for abbey then headed home to hit the sack ready for our long drive today! We have a group dinner at an Italian place tonight then we will be having an early night ready for skiing in the morning ⛷❄️
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  • Day10

    We arrived last night in Vegas, we are staying at the golden nugget. We got off the bus and dropped our bags at our room and headed straight to the DFO and got some party clothes! We then went back to our room on the way picked up some burgers and ate dinner, got ready and headed to the party bus.
    The bus was so much fun, we stoped at a drive through wedding chapel ( don't stress mum we didn't tie the knot 😂) then also stopped at the Vegas sign!
    Once the bus finished it dropped us at the Bellagio casino where we went to the night club, we watched the water works out the front from the roof top club! After the Bellagio we headed to Cesars Palace night club and it was crazy! Every so often streamers dropped from the roof and all!
    We headed on back to the room where we got a good nights sleep ready for today.
    Toby and I started the day with breaky down stairs and then we headed to a shooting range it was insane, they even picked us up in an Army jeep! Toby shot huge guns and I shot one small one. After the range we walked down the main strip getting lunch at Denny's and did some shopping as well as booked a show called Zumanity to go see tonight with our friends from Cessnock.
    We called back to the room quickly got ready for the Ferris wheel bar tonight then we are going to see and show and we may have a punt or two 😊 We definitely did not have enough time in Vegas but god we are fitting in a lot of things! Ready to head to the snow tomorrow ❄️
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  • Day9

    Today we got up early and headed to Zion national park. We were under the impression we were going to do a hike similar to Yakabar only longer and a little bit harder, what Angels landing had in store for us was not even imaginable! We walked for an hour to what was called the look out a series of zig zagging bends to the top then we had to walk around the edge of this cliff holding onto chains. We then got to the part where we could see the top and thought no way! Not in a million years would we get to the top it was walking across one section to the other with drop offs either sides and no chains the whole way along! Toby was shitting him self, we waited at this section for about half an hour before we were about to head back. We also got our photo to say we made it half way! Even girls in our group had said, that's it for us we are not going any further. Then come along Tracey and American man that basically guilted us into it, he had climbed it twice before and said we were so close and had to do it! Toby had started to go back around the corner, I yelled "Toby I am going with the girls ", "I'm going to the top" his reply was "no your not! Your not going" I then said again "I am going" so he turned back and said " well I guess I have to go then" we started to hike to the top and it was bloody tough and was probably the most scariest thing I have done in my life! The view was definitely worth every minute of fear!
    We made it back down to the bottom safely and very proud of our selves! We are now on route to Vegas to get on our party bus, we cannot wait!
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  • Day8

    Today we traveled from Flagstaff to a native reserve where we visited a Native American art shop and seen where they live and how their community works, they have their own government and president with in the reserve and own laws!
    We then went to horseshoe bend where we hiked out to the cliff face it was so scary but really pretty to see, the river that ran through the canal was the Colorado river. There were so many Asian tourists out there getting way to close to the edge it was crazy!
    We then called into a place called Page where we had Mexican for lunch and then we were off again, we are staying the night at Knab and just went to a cowboy show, we where the characters! It was pretty funny but the food was really good like a home cooked meal we had roast beef, salad, beans, Dutch oven potatoes and damper! It was a really good experience 👍🏼
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  • Day7

    Today we flew over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter and it was amazing! We were to lucky because it snowed the night before and the contrast of white snow to red rock was beautiful!
    We then drove from where we flew to the south rim of the Canyon and walker along it and had some lunch.
    We are now back at where we are staying in flagstaff about to head to dinner, but the Canyon was truely amazing 😍Read more

  • Day6

    First stop of the day was Sedona look out, Sedona is a little town on the way to the Grand Canyon and is well known for its sandstone red rock mountains it was very pretty! Toby and I had lunch at a little cowboy sort of place and it was delicious we had sweet potato chips and all, we then headed over to our tour of the Sedona red mountains in a jeep! It was a little bit scary but we were very lucky because the mountain tops were covered in snow from the night before so it made the view 10x more amazing! We then headed to Flagstaff, it is full on snowing here so very cold we called in at Walmart and got some supplies ready for the cold weather tomorrow 🤞🏽 fingers crossed there will be snow at the canyon tomorrow!Read more

  • Day5

    We had a big day driving today from San Diego to Prescott Arizona. We stoped for lunch at a popular American dinner called in and out the food was so good it was all fresh and the chips were cut right there, they only have three types of burgers and they were like $2 each! We also went through a check stop because we were so close to the Mexican boarder.
    We went out for dinner in Prescott and then all of a sudden we looked out the window and it was snowing! It was the first lot of snow they have had this season it was very excited! We are now at a little country bar listening to classic songs and chatting away! Ready to head to the canyon tomorrow 👍🏼Read more

  • Day4

    We had a big day today we woke up and had breaky at the hotel we are staying at. We then headed to the zoo with our tour group it was awesome we seen flamingos in real life for the first time and rode a double decka bus around the park! We seen a two week old baby giraffe and all.
    After the zoo we headed to the air and space museum where we seen the capsule of the apollos nine that carried the first men to space! Toby was loving it 😂 after there we got an uber to a small shopping centre and had a look around before we walked back to our hotel.
    We are so tired and are going to get ready for dinner and then hit the sack early ready to head to Prescott tomorrow which will be a big day of driving but a good chance to see the country and have a bit of a chilled out day! That's all for day 4
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  • Day3

    We joined our top deck tour today and the craziest thing ever happened! Another couple from Cessnock our age is on the tour the girl works at Coles and the guy is doing the same trade as Toby!
    This was so freaky because the fortune teller Diane told me we would meet another couple and the boy would do the same trade as Toby and we would get on well with them and we have! They are lovely we know people they know and all!
    We went into San Diego and went to mission beach and rode bikes along the there! We had tacos for lunch they were really nice!
    We left there after lunch and heading into down town San Diego for a tour of where to go tomorrow and to see where the zoo is and the museums ready, we then got dropped off at old Mexico which was really cool, we visited a grave site from the 1800 and went to a shop called Toby's candle and soap shop!
    We headed to dinner for more Mexican it was a huge meal just like we had been told it would be! We have now headed to our hotel room with the rest of our group and we are getting ready to head out for an organised bar crawl with beer pong and all! We are pretty excited hopefully we don't get screwed over by he free pour!( they don't measure their spirits and just pour however much in) and that's a wrap for day three we love our top deck group and are very excited for the zoo tomorrow 😊
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