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  • Day3


    April 14, 2019 in Laos ⋅ 🌧 36 °C

    We had a cracker of a day we started by filling up on the biggest breaky at our hotel the Hilton before hitting the streets to explore! We started to head towards the lake where on Sunday’s all the streets around the lake are closed off for children’s games, and stalls alone with small cars being driven all over the roads by small humans hahaha! After we had a look around and went to a small museum where there were some pictures about we headed back to meet or tour guide Max to get everything organised for our Sarpa and Halong bay tours, well isn’t Max a crazy fella! He is an Aussie who had lived in Vietnam for 25 years now and I think he may be slightly cray cray! After meeting mad Max, his partner Tewy and his little dog Foxxy. We headed back to the hotel where we had pizzas and baby burgers around the pool, we had a swim and a few drinks before heading back to our room to get ready to go out for the night! We went to the night markets and had a bit of a shop then headed to a place that Max suggested, well it was up a very long and dark ally so we went right in and we were the only non Asian people in there so we figured it would be alright! It was a funny as a circus when Heidi barely could eat the chips because we walked through the kitchen and cleanliness wasn’t quite up to scratch hahaha but that didn’t stop the rest of us glenn lost his shit when he seen people around us eating fried dove and all! He was almost crying because the chilli prawns were so hot! After dinner we headed out for more shopping to a huge 8 story shopping centre then back to the hotel to hit the sack ready for tomorrow’s adventures!Read more

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  • Day31


    February 3, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Well well day 30! What a trip we have had. Today we took it easy had a swim and a relax. We have definitely over indulged in so much good food, we started with breaky at the hula grill under our hotel, then to the Cheesecake Factory for loads of share foods then in the afternoon we went to a big street market that was on in the street we were staying in. The food and atmosphere was great we had corn on the cob and fresh lemonade. Lastly we got a takeaway pizza and had it back at the room and packed up all our goodies ready for home.
    America has been amazing 🙌🏽
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  • Day30


    February 2, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today we had a huge shopping day! Outlets and all, we stoped for lunch at a whole bunch of food trucks which was amazing. We headed back to our room after going out and buying an extra suitcase to head down to the pool. After the pool we went straight to an out door bar right near the beach and met some people from Seattle a lovely couple about the same age as us and we ended up having dinner with them! It was pretty cool to have a chat to them. Not long now and we will be on our way home! We are definitely looking forward to a home cooked meal 👍🏼Read more

  • Day29


    February 1, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Well what a shocker of a morning! We went out snorkelling and it was pretty choppy, Toby had a ball while I was spewing of the deck with bloody sea sickness!! It was terrible, I couldn't have felt worse. Toby had a great time snorkelling and on the cruise. I went into the water thinking I would feel better but I couldn't have been more wrong, as soon as I got back on the boat that's when things went down hill, but hey I got to see a sea turtle in my short time in the water. It was such a relief to get back to shore I can tell you that now! 😂
    After our shocker of an adventure Toby took me to maccas and peped me up which made me feel better! We went for a swim, I didn't let the waves get me moving too much 😂 and I had a dip in the jacuzzi! I'm loving the jacuzzi. After we went for a oook around he streets and back to the room after ready for dinner. It was an eventful day but hey toballs the little shit enjoyed it 👍🏼
    Outlets here we come tomorrow!
    P.s we are definitely gunna need another suitcase we have more photos on a USB of our day before it took a turn for the worst! All smiles blue skies and we seen HUMPBACK WHALES 🐳
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  • Day28


    January 31, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We had an awesome day today exploring a place called Kualoa ranch where they filmed a lot of movies including Jurassic park! We got there nice and early and we were out in a group to ride quads on the movie sets with a WHOLE group of Asians! Now I am not being racist but I just had this feeling that the quad experience was going to be hilarious. We were the only two that got a safety talk in English!!! And the rest were all in different languages, now with in the first 5 minutes of doing the practice lap to make sure every one was okay one of the dim sims crashed of a small drop and sat there trying to get out of the hole the wheels spinning like crazy!! Toby and I turned to each other and Toby's words to me went a little like this, " well this is going to be fucking eventful" 😂
    The ride was nice and slow with one of the dim sims being close to the age of 60+ he had to be!! It was definitely a very funny experience. After our quad tour we went on a jungle tour to see Hawaiian temples, traditional stone packed fences, along with how they fished and come to use the land.
    We headed to lunch after this tour where we filed up on once again mostly Asian foods lots of rice 😂 and headed on to our last adventure on the ranch which was the tour of all the movie sets and sites that were filmed there. We seen where movies like 51st dates was filmed, soul surfer, Jurassic park, King Kong, the movie pearl harbour and Hawaii 5-0 which was being filmed for season 8 while we were there!! We didn't see any of the actors but it was exciting seeing them set up.
    After all of our tours we headed back to our hotel had a little kip then went down to the jacuzzi for a dip before dinner! It was a pretty miserable day, raining on and off so the jacuzzi was a good idea! Not to mention it was full of multicultural people having loads of debate and one Aussie being a wanker!! We had a pretty cool day 🌸
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  • Day27


    January 30, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today we got up nice and early ( 5am) and went to pearl harbour memorial! Our tour guide even had Hawaiian doughnuts for when we go there to eat in the line, they were purple and had chocolate icing all over them very delicious! We went into the memorial and they gave us head sets to listen to as we went through the memorial. It was very interesting and touching the stories we heard from both Hawaiian and Japanese accounts. It was an extremely sad event that happened in history. We got to go out and visit the memorial for the Arizona one of the many battle ships that had been struck, it was still bubbling out with oil and will be for years as there is gallons and gallons still down below. They will never try and filter the oil out as it is a tomb for 900+ sailors that died that day. The oil smell hits you as soon as you get off the ferry. After the pearl harbour memorial we went to the aviation museum for lunch and had a buffet litter all in the museum under the planes. After lunch we headed to the USS Missouri a battle ship that was hit at the end off world war II by a Japanese kamikaze pilot, the ship had been repaired and now is on display for tourists!
    In 1945 when the plane hit the ship the pilot payed died on the deck of the ship, the sailors wanted to throw him over board for what he had done to the ship. The captain commanded that the crew sail out toward Japanese waters and make a japan flag out of sheets to honour the pilot and give him a proper send off, the captain honoured that he was just fighting for his country as they were doing. Later on down the track years later they found out that the pilot was only 19 and his family had heard what they had done for him they gifted the ship with photos of him and thanks for the honouring their son.
    This storey was one told when on the ship and I really enjoyed hearing it.
    We later went back to our hotel went for a swim and then had a lovely Chinese dinner before we hit the sack ready for tomorrow's adventure.
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  • Day26


    January 29, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    What a day! Starting of with an early morning walk to diamond head, which is an extinct volcano just 10 mins away from where we are staying. The views were amazing with the sun over the crystal blue waters, just beautiful. We headed back down the hike and caught the trolley cart back to where we were staying we went for massages and coffee and cake to top the morning off ( I had cake Toby ordered actual food hahah). We went down to the beach around lunch time and hired a stand up paddle board, what we didn't remember was that we were at a beach with actual waves so that was a pretty funny event 😂
    After our hopeless attempt at paddle boarding we headed to our rooms to get dolled up ready for the luau! It was such a cool event to go to, when we go there they gave us flower neck lays and drinks. We walked on through and we got to do hula lessons, watch how they climb a palm tree, how they use fishing nets and lastly how they cooked our dinner in a hungi style set up. As well Toby got picked to wear a grass skirt and do some dancing out the front of everyone it was hilarious! The food was amazing and the experience and show was good fun.
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  • Day25


    January 28, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    What a lovely day we have had today! We started the day off with a ripper of a breakfast at our hotel it was so yummy, at this rate I think I will be the size of a house by the time I get back. We had a walk around the streets and then straight to the beach for a swim, we grabbed a salad for lunch to try and even it all out because we are going to the Cheesecake Factory again for dinner! They have the best food and cheesecake that does not disappoint ❤️
    We rode the trolley cart around some of the island and seen some beautiful beaches. We then got dropped off to a shopping centre for some light browsing 😂 we then got picked up by the trolley and taken back to our hotel, we are currently making our selves beautiful ready for dinner
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  • Day24

    New York - LA - Hawaii

    January 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Well today we say goodbye to New York! We visited Times Square one last time to get some breakfast close bye and a little shopping before we headed back to our room to gather our our bags that are bursting by the seams to head to the airport!
    New York was definitely a highlight and we loved a lot about it but we are very excited for some warmer weather. When we finally arrived in Hawaii our transfer didn't show up! So at 1 in the morning after waiting for ages we decided to uber it to our hotel ready to hit the sack! Our uber driver was a unit, but he made the trip go pretty quick with all his storeys thanks for picking us up Albert!
    We were so happy to make it to Hawaii and to pull out some shorts and thongs 👍🏼

    P.s there was a bloody dog on our flight from NY to LA his name was Zeus and god he was cute and very well behaved ❤️
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  • Day23

    New York

    January 26, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 1 °C

    We had a great day today! We started with breakfast at a little cafe off Times Square and it was delicious we will definitely be going back there tomorrow morning 😊
    We headed towards the famous Masy's for a look around and it was very overwhelming it was like David Jones on steroids 😂 we had a bit of a shop and look around the streets before we headed back to drop off our goodies and head to Central Park!
    The whole lake at Central Park was completely frozen over, we walked through to the Metropolitan museum of art and got a photo on the Met steps like off the TV show Gossip girl! We explored the museum until Toby got bored of it 😂 then headed back through the park to the subway to head to the Australian bar. When we got there they had no tables left for us and it was $10 a head just to go in for a drink and it was only 5:30pm what the hell!!! So we didn't go there even though we tried to be a bit patriotic. We headed to 9th st because the guide the other day said the food in that street was always very good, we ended up getting Thai for dinner and it was lovely. We headed back to our room after dinner getting a cheesecake on the way back and packed our bags up to see if everything would fit ready to fly to Hawaii tomorrow 💫
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