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  • Day15

    Pasta sisters and Bel-air

    April 16, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    For lunch we tried another place off the worth it channel, a really good pasta place. Words can't explain how good the pasta was, which was made freshly in front of our eyes. I watched a guy roll out a big piece of pasta about 20 times while we were waiting for our food, and then shred them and turn them into pretty little piles of spaghetti.
    After lunch we did an aimless drive around the fancy villas of rich people. There were 2 basic different types :ones that were wide open from the street and had ridiculous architecture elements, such as 10 meter high columns, or front doors an elephant could walk through. The others were surrounded by bushes from the street and barely looked like anything - until you saw them from the hill side:they actually were enormous, with big terraces and windows overlooking valleys. Again we would only see gardeners, and signs about armed guards being present, in case we wanted to go inside...
    This time we made it home in time for dinner, and had corned beef and carrots and other vegetables that Lajos cooked for us!
    After dinner we went with Ester to the USO, some kind of charity that basically let's us military people get free food and drinks and hang around in certain areas while they wait for connecting flights to war zones. We went to Starbucks to pick up all the leftover cookies and pastries they had, and brought it over there.
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