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  • Day48

    4 weeks at home

    November 13, 2016 in Central African Republic ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    The last week has been really fun.

    We are allowed to go out more, so I've been swimming a bit, and we went out for lunch last week. I was a logistician on Friday, there is a 19 year old logistician assistant too, so it was three of us. It was really interesting hearing the stories and how his job works. He gets to drive around a lot, which is always fun. The young guy talks and sings a lot, he has taught the national staff a soccer cheer. He also loves telling me how weird/ stupid my accent is - both French and English. He is also constantly amazed about how little I know about Italy, prime minister? This famous Italian writer? Book? No I'm not Italian. But it's famous! I ask the same questions about famous Australian things and he has no idea, but why would he? It's just Australia *sigh*

    Two shipping containers had arrived at the hospital so we went to organise getting them unloaded from the truck, they had my generator inside! (My ward does not have aircon, so its literally a sauna. I was told I would get aircon once we get another generator). They had already made a platform for both containers. We were waiting for a fork lift to come to take them off the truck and leave them just outside the hospItal gate, then the crane would come in a few days to put them in place. Unfortunately the fork lift never arrived, so now the truck with our containers (and my generator) are headed back to the port in Cameroon; and will hopefully return in a week or two. Another favorite saying here is 'welcome to Africa'.

    When we were leaving a super market the other day the driver of another xpat car started saying emergency! Emergency! They killed the baby! It was all in sango, and our driver was yelling something back. It was really confusing, but no one was listening to the other driver so that's a good sign.

    We have not had as many meeting as before, which is actully nice; so we don't here we are waiting. ..slowly slowly. ....we did get some great news though. The police file for the surgeon is finally closed! He has a fight home, business class, on Tuesday! Everyone is really happy for him. Poor guy was already so sick of this mission and wanted to leave, then his room catches on fire and he gets arrested in one week.

    Last night we had mexican night that me and the head nurse organised. It was sooooo tasty! Unfortunately we could not find any tequila so I shared a bottle of gin with the logistician. Gin and pomplemousse is a great combo! (Pomplemousse is a fizzy grapefruit drink).

    Now it's lazy Sunday! Although every day is pretty lazy these days. I spent most of my days drawing the health education books and watching friends.
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