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  • Day40

    The twins

    July 26, 2021 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    The twins, two identical sisters, as they reminded me numerous times, beautiful blonde women in their early sixties. Bob was Sandras husband, she was the more competitive of the two women. They were beautiful, but they must have been show stoppers when they were young women. They had an unspoken language and a passion for life that you don't often see.

    They were fun, Sandra was more outgoing than Sonora, but they both were lively and and interesting. The rest of the game took on a whole different life, with easy wit and playful teasing being the order of the day.

    These two were all a buzz with me joining their group the questions were flying. Where am i from what do i do. Once I told them about THR, the questions only increased.

    Really, really that used to be you, that is ten days after, does it work for prolapses is there an age limit, will it help my son in law?

    I did my best to answer all the questions, but the answers seemed unreal even to me. I guess that is the power of the program

    I was sad to have to part ways with them, but my journey continues, i soon gound a place to stay for the night...
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