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  • Day3

    Quito to Tena - 7 July 2015

    July 11, 2015, South Pacific Ocean ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    We woke up and had a delicious breakfast 2 eggs sunny side up over home fries with rosemary and pesto and a big bowl of fruit....for only $5 total. Jaime made multiple friends including Kate (Aussie from Melbourne). Went to see Pope Francis in Quito along with a million of our closest Ecuadorian friends. Keith got his pocket picked because he didn't listen to Jaime. He is slowly but surely learning this is inappropriate. Luckily, the only thing taken was a map and copies of their passports. Jaime was very sweet to Keith even though he was an idiot and didn't listen. While typing this, Jaime thought it dumb that Keith used the 3rd person. Keith stated that Jaime was more than welcome to take in the blogging responsibilities....she declined.

    As they were walking to see the Pope, they tried some street food. One dish was tortilla...and it was delicious. It had aji in it. Aji is Ecuadorian hot sauce and Jaime loves it. We also tried a raw bean soup concoction, a grilled plantain with cheese and another potato soup with avocado and egg. It also had a mysterious substance which Jaime tried hesitantly. When informed by Keith it was hog fat, Jaime took the opportunity to spit it out on Keith's foot. We decided to take a bus to Tena. Tena is a gateway town to the jungle/Ecuadorian Amazon.

    It ended up being a 5 hour bus ride/roller coaster. The main highlight of the bus ride was when Jaime found a nest of beetles above her head. This was hilarious as she continued to shine Keith's flashlight at them in the middle of the night. She consistently wanted Keith to knock them onto other people even though they were minding their own business and not affecting Jaime in the least.
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