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  • Day13

    singapore zoo

    July 22, 2006 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    after the excitement of the last few days we decided that we would catch up with some sleep and wake up at 7:15 and head off to singapore zoo to enjoy breakfast with the animals. We got to the zoo just as it was opening and headed through a few enclosures stoping to see the howler monkeys and the "free range orang ou tans" and booked our place for breakfast with the animals. We then headed off to watch the elephants being bathed, it was at this point we took out both the digital stills camera and the video camera and realised we had charged neither and both were extreemely low on batteries, fantastic! apart from the fact we were unable to get much video footage it was a really great day, we saw loads of different animals including polar bears, bats and white lions. All of which we managed to take photo's of despite the camera's repeated attempts to switch itself off. breakfast with the animals was cool, it entiled a buffet breakfast (which was a little doggy including chicken chipolata's), and a couple of live demonstrations followed by a quick photo session with a couple of orang ou tans
    and a snake. Apart from the swealtering heat and enclosures that looked to small for the amount of animals it was one of the best zoo experiences either of us have had.

    The absolute highlight of the day was feading the Manatees, they were the biggest cutest animals ever (no offence jasper). We donated $5 dolars each for a basket of fruit which we could put straight into the manatees mouth's, it would have been great to get the whole experience on film but i think due to battery life we managed around 30 seconds.

    This evening saw the return of Saffron to the flat who has pretty much been asleep whilst we have been here and is looking more geogeous by the minute. Chris and Rebecca have both managed to get some sleep in the last couple of days and both seem entirely more relaxed with their perfect new arrival. This evening we had to go out and get a few supplies for Saffron in town which was fine apart from a seriously dodgy cab ride home, the driver seemed to speak no english and we wernt entirely convinced he knew where he was going, he had
    what was eith OCD or a nervous twich which coupled with terible driving skills and no sign of a cab licence made for an interresting trip. Home in one piece we decided we would tuck into yesterdays left over lasagne and enjoy a nice cold beer, later on we may have to take our bottle of wine down and chill out in the hot tub, but we dont want to go straining ourselves.

    So this is our last night in Singapore for this part of the trip and these blogs may become less frequent as internet access may not be as freeley available esspecially on and around ayres rock! where we will be for the next 4 days we will however post up a message as soon as we get to Cairnes all about our adventures at Ularu.

    Stew and Ali
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