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  • Day27

    So Many Bites!!! (and some salty shorts)

    August 5, 2006 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Hello again! Seems like a long time since we last posted a message and we have a lot to catch up on!

    We arrived at Magnetic Island on Monday safe and sound after an unplanned trip around the island on the local bus service, which sped around in the pitch black for 20 minutes around narrow roads with sheer drops. People were being let off at various resorts until finally we were told it was the end of the line and we were the only ones left sitting there going 'errrrrr, what do we do?'. Thankfully the bus driver was very nice and agreed to take us to our hostel on the way back. After checking in we thought we would go and looke around the local area for something to eat. Unfortunately Magnet Island closes at 9pm, so for dinner that night we had 2 packs of crisps and a six pack of beer. After one of the noisiest nights ever, due to the fact that the rainforest was about 50 metres behind our room and the birds here sound like young children being strangled, we had a very nice day. We walked a trail to a place called the Forts, where we were told it was possible to spot wild koala's, and if you were lucky Death Adders! Stew was convinced we would meet the latter but not see any Koala's, and was jumping at every lizard that moved around us. After about 1km walking up the footpath we bumped into some Spanish tourists making cooing noises and pointing to a tree. We knew that there was either a Koala or the heat had gone to their heads and it was time for a siesta. Thankfully it was the cutest Koala up in a gum tree, not doing an awful lot, as was to be expected, but he did actually move his head a bit which was exciting. After this we carried on walking on the trail to a place called Horseshoe Bay and decided that after 5 km we had definately earned a lunch time beer and two of the biggest burgers I've ever seen. Included in Stew's 'lot burger' was bacon, egg, pineapple, onions, beetroot (which the aussies put in everything), not to mention a rather large piece of cow! Then we went to a Koala sanctuary and got to stroke some of the rescued Koala's, and saw a baby Koala which was about 5 1/2 months old. We also stroked some Kangaroos and met an albino Wombat and a 128 year old bird. We picked up a few supplies, hopped on a bus and after a quick stop at the local bottle shop made our way back to our accomodation.

    The next day we got the ferry back to the mainland after a more successful bus journey, and got a bus to Airlie beach, where we are staying again tonight! Pretty uneventful night, just went to the supermarket and ate in our room, v exciting.

    The next day we walked down to meet our ferry across to Hook Island, an easily walkable distance according to our landlord. However, after walking down to the coast and seeing a sign which said it was 2km to where we needed to be in about 25 minutes, we were slightly less happy and our backpacks felt suddenly much heavier. Luckily we made it to the Marina in time to catch a veritable cruise ship. We then discovered that we were actually invading a day tour of the islands and would be making a stop off in Whitehaven beach before Hook Island. This beach is like something out of a postcard, the sand is pure white for 7 km and the water is crystal clear. Unfortunately it was Winter and the temperature reached a measly 25 degrees, but somehow we coped. We then hopped back on the boat and had an overpriced lunch, and were taken to Hook Island. It took us all of 10 minutes of being on the island before we decided that we wanted to stay 2 nights instead of the 1 we had planned, and we weren't dissapointed. The staff were lovely, the view was amazing and the food was in Stew sized portions. Apart from when tour groups were coming through, which was few and far between, it was one of the most peaceful places we've been to. We encountered loads of wildlife including a Whale, a Moniter Lizard, 2 Thick Knees (a long legged bird which spent most of it's time scrounging), and when we went snorkling we got up close and personal to some parrot fish and loads of other fish which I don't know the names of! All in all the last 2 days on Hook have been hell!!

    Well where we are now, the internet is expensive and our washings nearly done so we shall leave it at that 4 now. Oh and by the way we have again found ourselves at a pc without the ability to upload pics, so you'll have 2 wait.

    miss u guys loads
    Ali and Stew

    P.s. Chris, Stew will ring you asap to talk to you about the video cameras, he reckons it'll be better that way.

    Mich, I think Fran's in Italy for a month or something at the mo so don't worry too much, we done on the job, that's really cool!

    Mum Wheeler, we think the Didgereedoo might arrive on Monday, so hopefully you should get a card through the door! Speak 2 u soon! xxx
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