July - August 2006
  • Day12

    welcome to the world

    July 21, 2006 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    So i realise how keen everyone is to see the photos, and can't understand why they haven't been posted up yet but its been a long day and i'll try and tell you about it without falling asleep. (if you would rather skip the excuses and head straight for the photos just scroll down I wont be offended). So here we go, due to the excitement of last nights news and jet lag we ended up with about 5 hours sleep , which isn't too bad if you've been getting regular good nights sleep, which we haven't. First thing this morning we jumped into a cab and headed over to the Thomson Medical Centre to meet the latest member of the Wheeler clan and were there within 15 mins. When we found the room we knocked and were welcomed in by a very proud but extreemly tired looking Chris and were introduced to Saffron. Now at this point I should say its Stewart writing this blog and have been asked to say that "Saffron is the most beautiful and perfect thing in the world", by Ali, however I am far too manly and macho to share such sentiment (she so is though!). We stayed with Chris, Rebecca and Saffron for around an hour and Saffron pretty much slept through the whole experience as only a baby can. We then headed down the road to the nearest MRT station to get an underground train to Little India, half an hour later both swealtering in the humidity we decided it best to jump in a cab which cost little more than the train would have done. We arrived in Little India and found ourselves walking around the many indoor shoping complexes full to the brim with every kind of electrical gadget you could imagine, had I found heaven? We then went into one shop and asked about a webcam which we were informed was $49 dollars, which I considered a little expensive and told the shopkeeper we would look around and come back, this apparently was the perfect thing to say as the price suddenly became $35, it was at this stage I realised that this was truly heaven. We grabbed some food in the hawker centre (food court) downstairs which set us back all of £4 for 2 currys, a naan bread and enough rice for two, and headed off to try and find some premature baby clothes for Saffron who at 5lbs 6oz aparently was too small for all of her new born clothes. We spent some time looking around some traditional singapore shops such as mothercare and marks and spencers before realising that babys were only allowed clothes if they were 4lbs and under or over 7/12 lbs.
    At about 18:15 Saffron Wheeler was introduced to her new home and was subjected to more photos and more filming. We orderd a pizza and Chris and Rebecca decided to feed Saffron, it was shortly after this that Saffron started crying, and unsurprisingly continued to cry off and on for the next 5-6 hours occasionally settling for a while, before to the distress of a stressed and exahusted couple of parrents, started crying again. Chris and Rebecca finally decided to take Saffron back to the hospital to get her checked out about half an hour ago at 01:15. I'm sure she is just stressed out at how much of the world she has to take in but I don't disagree with the decision to take her back to the hospital as this just shows how much they both love their new baby daughter and would do anything to look after her. The moment I get any news I'll post up on here, but for now the moment you've been waiting for ........

    p.s. I appologise for the blurryness of the photos but it was very dark and we decided it best not to have the flash on in case we woke up Saffron.
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  • Day10

    AUNTY ALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 19, 2006 in Singapore ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    OH MY GOD!!!! at 11:20 pm local time there was a new Wheeler born. Saffron Wheeler weighed in at just over 5lbs and is a fiesty, happy little baby. The first we heard was when we were leaving the botanical gardens to meet Chris and Rebecca for dinner in Chinatown and turned on Ali's phone to check for messages from Chris and there was, "looks like Rebbeca's in labour" at which point we changed the destination of the taxi from Chinatown to Raffles city where we would wait to hear if we should go to the Raffles hospital where they were headed. Chris phoned Ali while we were in the taxi and told us that he would let us know of any developments. 1 hour, a singapore sling, and a nose round the Raffles hotel later we decided to wander down towards the hospital where we were informed that they had gone home, shortly afterwards while enjoying some Korean food, Chris phoned to say that the doctors had sent Rebecca home because she was in the really early stages, we stopped for a beer and got a bit lost on the way home and by the time we got here the
    We salute youWe salute you
    We salute you
    Ali next to the biggest palm leaf we've ever seen
    flat was empty. About 10 mins ago Ali got through on the phone to Chris who gave us the the big news! First thing tommorrow morning we're off to the hospital and will post up photos as soon as we have them for everyone reading this and going AWWWW!!!! we will attach some photos of our day but everything has really been a eclypsed by the new arrival!

    Stew and Ali
    (hot, tired and very emotional!)
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  • Day3

    WE MADE IT!!!

    July 12, 2006 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We've just touched down in Changi and are using the free internet to let everyone know that we've made it as far as Singapore. Only one or two screeming kids disturbing our sleep for the past 11 hours. Not to mention the fact that Frankfurt airport was basically closed and all we had access to was a toilet and a drinking fountain, not even a smoking room!!!!!!!! which is why this is a short message as we are just about to go and find somwhere I can smoke. It's not all bad though we're so excited to be here and cant wait to get out and explore the city. Let the adventures begin. Ali & Stew. xxxRead more

  • Day1

    It's the final countdown!

    July 10, 2006 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    So this is it one week to go and were nowhere near ready, we have no idea what were takin, how were gettin to the airport or wether stew can earn and borrow enough money to keep us in food while were away! we have plans to buy clothes, plug adapters and all sorts but still havent got round to it and on top of all this ali is graduating tommorrow and were havin this BBQ on sat (if the weather holds out!). Anyway this is basically a test to make sure that everyone gets a message when we post up on here and hopefully when we get going we will have more interesting things to talk about.

    stew + ali
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