• Day66

    Trans Siberian night 1

    September 5 in Russia ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Moscow to Yekaterinburg
    Well we got on and settled.
    Was brought a strong black coffee an hour later by our attendant. We cracked open the milk we brought with us after our research taught us they didn’t have milk.... well nor did we we soon found out. We had bought Kefir..... a fermented milk that causes possible bloating, wind and constipation..... just what we need- NOT!
    Despite the attendant taking our orders for dinner it never arrived and even though we used google translate to ask if we had to go to dining car we were told to stay in our cubicle.... however our food never materialised! ? Mis communication??
    Anyway we cracked open the bread, cheese and salami so we don’t starve.
    K is too excited and has made her bed already at 8pm.... I’m waiting for our dinner to be served!!
    First stop just happened and still no cabin mates so hoping it stays this way during the 3 overnight stops.
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