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Post Cancer "Fuck it" World Trip ticking off major ticket items - Trans Mongolian Railway, Russia, Bhutan, Italy etc Moscow, Mongolia, Manchester and everywhere in between
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  • Day269

    The Last Post

    March 26 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Well this is a sad time as this will be our last post meaning our amazing “Fuck it/ post cancer “ trip has come to an end albeit prematurely.
    Our world had changed just before we left for this trip with Ev no longer in it but now The world has changed with Covid-19 changing every aspect of everyone’s lives.
    We cannot even put into words the experiences we have had and the amazing things we have seen but we now have 3 huge photo books and another one soon to be on its way thanks to Find Penguins. These will be a lovely way to remind us of our trip for many years to come.
    Thanks to everyone for your comments and for dutifully following our daily escapades.
    Once this current madness is over we will look forward to sharing your future travels and holidays.
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  • Day267

    Still grateful to be at home

    March 24 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    We had a slow start to the day ( after an early callback from Vodafone about getting some internet at home) with breakfast and then phone calls to AirNZ and LATAM to try to get refunds on flight we have that are cancelled ( I couldn’t face ringing Qantas today about our third flight after all the other attempts so will do this in a couple of weeks). No luck with either calls but managed to email them both requesting full refunds ( as if that is going to happen!!)’
    The day was spent pottering around inside due to wet and windy weather and the need for K to do what seemed like 8 loads of laundry!! I couldn’t even be bothered to attempt to unpack.
    The majority of the day was trying to finish off the Find Penguins posts and deciphering where the photos were taken... and then hanging out on the deck to try to get the photos from K’s phone to mine so we could post them..... the reception here is so bad and often non existent.
    Hopefully we will be getting a wireless modem couriered to help with this and to her with the next 4 weeks isolation.
    At 5pm it was lovely weather so we drove down to the beach for our allowed “ daily exercise”. The beach was divine and we had it all to ourselves!! It looks like the weather has been bad as loads of boulders have been uncovered on the right end of the beach coupled with huge driftwood trees and branches.
    Back home it was a v nice dinner of prawn curry and Tv- the simple pleasures we do not take for granted after last week.
    Did I say we are so grateful to be home??!!
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  • Day266

    Sorting photos and being grateful

    March 23 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

    K and I have just been grateful all day for being home in NZ just as the Level 3 restrictions and then in 48 hours Level 4 restrictions are to be actioned .
    This am Breakfast TV showed a couple stranded in Peru with exactly the same story as ours- had 3 flights none of which have gone, in lockdown but hotel shutting and throwing them out etc etc. We definitely got home just in time.
    Spent the day that was grey, windy and rainy trying to sort out photos and videos. The crap internet/ reception ensures this activity took all day!! It doesn’t matter because we r home!!
    Here are some videos from throughout the trip.
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