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    Gothenburg - Day 3

    December 2, 2015 in Sweden ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Today is our final day in Gothenburg, Claire leaves tonight and I leave tomorrow. We opt for a sleep in once more - Claire has now missed breakfast both days haha and meet in time for lunch.

    Terese takes us to this restaurants that feels like an RSL or tigers club. For 89Sk we get a main, access to the soup and salad bar plus tea, coffee and biscuits. It's an awesome lunch!

    Afterwards we headed towards Liseberg, the amusement park, which is in the city centre. It ins't usually open over the winter, but for the first time is having a Christmas special.

    The whole park has gone Christmas themed. There is fake snow everywhere, pretend snowmen, Christmas trees, Christmas markets and Christmas carols blaring from the speakers.

    We walk in and have a great look around. Claire is only with us for an hour so we walk through the park checking out all of the Christmas markets, watching people go on crazy rides - we've previously discussed how rides weren't our thing, and took the appropriate pictures.

    When it's just Terese and I we go on the Ferris wheel. Given her fear of heights and my newly found fear of rides - thanks TMP, grad-jobs & Thorpe park fright night lol, it seemed an odd choice lol. But we took nice pictures.

    Then we wandered the park some more. It was now all lit up and proper dark. Just beautiful. We got a hot chocolate and sat beside a roaring fire in the park. It was in the section that was dedicated to Lapland and the aboriginal Norwegians.

    There were cool cultural tents, music and good food. Plus fire of course. There was also these barbecue fire warns all throughout the park to keep your hands warm, they were great!

    Afterwards we retreated inside for a wine abs to await the I've sharing show that would be on at 7pm fir Hansel and Gretel. The show was fab. The ice skaters reminded me of ballerina dancers, I really like the ballet.

    And that was it. We headed home, had pizza, watched river and went to bed. An epic few days if any where ever to be had!

    Thanks Terese X
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