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    Gothenburg - Day 2

    December 1, 2015 in Sweden ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

    Today was a beautiful sunny day in Gothenburg. We began the day by sleeping in, which is easily justifiable when the sun doesn't rise till 8.30am!

    Claire is staying in the city, so after breakfast Terese and I heard in to meet her. We went to .... To have a look at the oldest building in Gothenburg. It was originally built to house military uniforms, today it's filled with arts and crafts stalls.

    We had a walk around looking in on the smaller buildings on the outside as well. These houses a chocolatiers, glass blowing shop, and hand made clothes / fashion. Before heading to a small cafe in ... Where we had seen a great Swedish lunch survival yesterday.

    For 89SK we got a plate of meatballs, mashed potato, bread, salad, water and tea & coffee. It was great! A cosy little spot and a giant plate of food. Yummy!

    We took a walk through .... an area full of independent shops and stalls. It was wonderfully unique and individual. From here we headed towards .... an area known for ....

    But not before stopping in at the Fish church, past different university campuses, and climbing up the ... For fantastic views and great photo opportunities.

    Fish church. The name its self is awesome. Apparently play on words is a thing of the Gothenburg people. The building looks a bit like a church and is full of all sorts of fresh seafood, hence the name.

    Gothenburg university has all of its faculties spread out over the city, and some of the buildings look really impressive. We passed a few on our walk today.

    The climb up to .., reminded me of the castle hill stairs. They were a challenge! Especially with all of our layers, but the view over the city on this blue sky day was worth it.

    Afterwards we climbed back down into the ... The oldest district in Gothenburg. They are represented be the red roofs. We walked along ... Looking into all of the independent shops and cool cafes.

    Coming to a stop at .. A famous cafe recommended to us for their plate sized cinnamon buns. We sat down to share a bun and it was lovely. The closer we got to the middle the moire flavourful it became.

    We then continued walking down in a big circuit and we came back to main shopping strip and had a look in on what was on offer.

    Over lunch Terese told us about a conceit that happens at her work every Friday. Their office opens at 8am for the early morning business and then at 9am the whole office - from managers to cleaners - sit down to a breakfast that is provided by a different staff member each week. It's just wonderful!! What a way to build bonds, meet people from all levels in the business and generally strengthen your office.

    She also told us about a concept called Fika, I don't believe there is an English translation. Basically it means to have coffee and bun and sit with something. She said & backed up by the Internet that it's something that is also ingrained in the work culture. You either have a morning or afternoon fika or both.

    I loved it! Another building ties and strengthening your workplace. Both Terese and Alex in Barcelona have told me how in their workplaces they have gone back to morning and afternoon breaks with the whole office taking it at the same time.

    They said it should increase productivity, you know when your break is and the whole office comes together. I think it's just awesome!

    After we'd had enough of shopping we decided to see a movie. The whole getting dark at 4pm sucks really. It's so misleading. Anyway, off we've when went to see Bridge of Spies. It was good, although I though it could've been more dramatic.

    For dinner we went to a new restaurant where you order via their app. Everything drinks, mains and desserts. You even had to get it yourself, which I thought was lame haha, slack waitstaff. But it was a fab place!

    It seemed to have an identity crisis. Was it jazz club style, burlesque, country, Spanish tapas but the food staying in large degrees towards the genre haha. It was fab! And wonderful way to end our epic day!

    Friday breakfast and fika
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