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  • Day41


    June 4, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Arrived after a very long bus trip at 6:25 am. Dusseldorf train went fine but the us was late(25 min) & it didn't stop in its allotted place so we had to race for it. Then the drivers wouldn't let us take our day packs on board- I unloaded food, iPad , phone in black purse& S brought the water bottles. After we saw others with bags bigger on board. How annoying. Not much sleep. Early walk around, found hotel& left big bags. Had breakfast in a cafe attached to the toilets were free. Went to markets - all pottery& bought 2 small things then raced for our boat trip- 2+ hours. Very pleasant with a local beer.
    Musical festival on today/ night so I think dinner will be taken care of.
    After a nap and shower we headed off for something to do- S was keen to go to the Grosse Garden. This was quite a walk but worth the effort. Lovely huge trees around grassy areas and a palace where a wedding was occurring. There was a large fountain of course in a long rectangular pool , a huge double driveway leading to the palace from the road. We wandered further and in the garden 2 small trains ran. A cafe also was there & we ate spicy chicken wings & not so nice fish n chips with a drink,- the sign was on the beer handle but we didn't get beer but a strawberry drink. On the way back to the old town we saw 2 squirrels - reddy brown ones, and 2 cute birds. In the old town there were still musicians playing their brass instruments. We had a coffee & the girl didn't offer me the change so I guess she got a tip. Tonight we have a bottle of wine to drink from Beaune France because Stephen doesn't want to take it any further in his pack. We will try and sleep in before our train trip(which is short) to Bac Schandau for next week's walk in Saxony.
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