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  • Day54

    Sweden Day 2

    June 17, 2016 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Because there are no windows nighttime lasts forever in this room. So it was 8 am when we woke up! Breakfasted in the hotel - a good feed, no nice cheese! We've been spoilt. We found the way to the tourist info at the Central station and from there we decided on our day's activities. We walked through Drotining a shopping street to Parliament at Rikgatan. We walked by the water and saw part of the changing of the guard and stopped to buy ferry tickets for the feather island in the archipelago (Fjäderholmslijen). A nice trip and the rain has stopped. We had a burger with small roasted potatoes and a garlicky mayo on the side with a local beer( OK) called Monkey Business). We wandered all over this little island stopping in at the local artisans stores. I bought a few items to bring back home. I accidentally walked close to a Nordic seagull chick - its parent swooped down after me but I escaped with paper bag over my head. They are a noisy bunch.I found a stray egg in a nest on a rock face earlier, obviously no good and Stephen photographed it and a chick at the water's edge which must have been a seagull. The next ferry isn't until 4:30 so we'll just meander a bit .Its a 20 min ride back.We walked through some of Gamla Stan the old town, stopping for a beer ( dark) in an old tavern that was a dungeon. The beer was quite good. Stopped at small shops before entering a square with the Nobel Museum and there we had dinner at Kaffe Koppen - Baked potato and seafood, Spinach& salmon pie. It was delicious with a good salad on the side. We walked back via the palace and then along the waterside passing many bridges , finally arriving back just enforce 9 pm. My feet are sore, 15.5 km, including the ferry travel.Read more