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  • Day11

    Cultural Day

    September 9, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    Bag pull at 7am, breakfast will be at the Squamish & Lilwat cultural centre. It’s a normal buffet but they have traditional bread - interesting, texture is like sponge cake with little to no taste.
    Back on the road and we have Chief mountain in front of us. In the formation you can see a witch riding her broom 🤣
    Next we stop at Shannon Falls truly majestic, beautiful walks and very pretty scenery. It’s along Hwy 99 - Sea to Sky.
    We’re now heading back through Vancouver towards the ferry terminal - Victoria here we come.
    It’s an hour and a half sail from point to point, we didn’t queue for long before all the vehicles & passengers are loaded... gee they’ve done this once or twice. There is beautiful coast lines to see and a few homes are dotted along the way that really do have a view to die for. Off the ferry and we do a city sights tour - Gorgeous.

    No time for relaxing - the washing needs to be done, so off I trot to the “local” laundromat. Never thought I’d enjoy doing laundry - or was it just being away from the chicken coop... I mean tour group 🤣
    Dinner is down in the hotel restaurant, it’s very quite because of renovations but we don’t care, we sit back and enjoy each other’s company.
    The food was simply yet delicious. Then dessert arrives.... more happy birthday celebrations for mum.

    Dare I say it, what a relaxing afternoon. Tomorrow will be a long overdue sleep in, we’ve decided not to do the morning excursion. We’ll catch up with the tour group in the afternoon.

    Oh and the view from our room is not too shabby 😁

    Nigh nigh.
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    Andrew From Eastlink

    Nice early start to the day, followed with a wonderful breakfast I bet. I liked Squamish although we only drove through on the way to Whistler . You will have stunning scenery on your way, sit back and enjoy the vistas from the coach and ferry……..then around town in Victoria. Great food and company, what more can you ask. Hey you need a sleep in on holiday, good option! Terrific photo of Lachlan “rock surfing” How is the weather it looks warm? What’s the night view with the lights? Glad you are all having a fabulous time and creating memories that will make you smile without knowing it. Tuesday 5.00pm here and the sun is out, 20 degrees tomorrow YAY for us!!

    Andrew From Eastlink

    Terrific photo.