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    June 16, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Four gorgeous days in Santorini.

    We kicked things off with a quick and dirty Ryan Air flight from Athens, of which we slept the whole 50 minutes. Yes, believe it or not but we were tired after our 25 hour First Class journey from Brisbane 😆 We were having so much fun playing kings and queens (despite feeling like frauds because we hadn't paid for it) that we forgot to sleep.

    After landing in Santorini at 1am local time, we made a B-line for a hotel near the airport on the South East coast - a quick fix bed and breakfast to sleep off the jet lag and prepare to "start" our glamorous escape on the island of honeymooners.

    Next day, we had a local breakfast of Feta cheese, boiled eggs and the sweetest damn tomatoes I've ever had - a trend which would continue. Tom also had cucumber but as cucumber is a watery waste of stomach space, much watermelon, I refrained. Before leaving we had a quick look at the beach our front. It has gorgeous black stones but we agreed it's got nothin on Palm Cove (thinking of you Dad!).

    A nasty, hot bus ride and an awkward shard taxi with a presumably rich couple from the Philippines followed and THEN the honeymoon began at the Lillium Hotel and Spa - hands down the nicest hotel we have ever (and likely will ever) stay at.

    We spent the next three days swimming in the amazingggg pool, taking longgg breakfast sessions in a very boss breakfast room and generally being hotel pests. We also went exploring on a quad bike (which was scary because Tom drove..), scouted for be best bougainvillea on the island, watched some sunsets with a zillion other people and drank cocktails on a beach with crystal clear water.

    Surprisingly, the highlight was actually the hotel. Probably because the rest of the island was seething with tourists and we both get annoyed when there are too many people (and when we aren't the only Aussies!) Yes, I enjoyed the hotel so much that I will cherish the free tote bag for the rest of my days (or at least until Tom makes me give it up because we are #backpackers with #backpacks, not fancy totes).

    CC xx
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