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  • Day4

    Nerja and Balcony of Europe

    June 21, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today we expanded our horizons and, after sleeping late and spending part of the day on the beach, we took a drive to the nearby town of Nerja. We were seeking to see prehistoric cave drawings that are said to be over 35,000 years old. Little did we know, the summer hours for the caves begin July 1st and we arrived after closing time. We had read, however, that near the center of the town of Nerja was the "Balcony of Europe" so we headed there. Our disappointment in not seeing the caves was soon displaced by the enjoyment of walking through the pedestrian streets of Nerja in our search for the balcony. We walked past cafes that spilled into the streets as visitors enjoyed the relaxed environment, as musicians played the accordion to entertain said visitors, and as tourists strolled toward the sea. We were rewarded with a memorable walk, some fine ice cream, and a spectacular view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea via the Balcony of Europe.

    What did we learn today?

    - you can have more than 1 ice cream cone a day (G&K had 3)
    - We're addicted to wi-fi so we go down stairs to a small Moroccan themed, bar/cafe to connect back to our virtual world (sometimes we buy something, sometimes we're pirates)
    - It is not easy to sign up for soccer camps and to get acclimated to a new soccer program via slow wifi
    - A zip line on the beach is more fun than almost anything else
    - Don't assume that summer schedules are equivalent for Europeans and Americans
    - When the Tartunga (the little bar downstairs) runs out of fresh lemons for lemonade, they'll run across the street and pick up more from the local market
    - The local market store is smaller than the smallest bedroom in my house
    - The local tomatoes here are way better than the grocery store tomatoes at home
    - The locals stay up late and open the Tartunga late (at 9M) for coffee and breakfast
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    Kim Shaw

    Memories of your wedding?


    Somewhat! There's also a hotel here called Laguna Beach so that's even more memorable!


    Very Nice!