• Day9


    August 25, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Caught early train with a 5.00 wake up.
    2.5 hrs to Milan.

    At Milan we have a 'Best of Milan plus The Last Supper Tour' booked at 10:45am
    Our train gets in at 10:00. We struggle to locate the luggage drop off point as it is 3 floors below us. Grab a Taxi with a rally driver!!

    We make it perfectly on time. Eleana is our guide. She is colourful and cute. Earpieces in we begin with the famous Duomo.

    We walk the streets stopping at various buildings and statues. I like the one of Leonardo. We look up at the glass ceiling of the Victor Emmanuel shops surrounded by Prada, Versace, Lois Vuitton and it is all beautiful.

    The Sforsesco castle is amazing. Very old with a massive moat. Very hot today, I slurp on an icypole.

    We head to the church Santa Maria Delle Grazie where the Last Supper is painted on a wall in a room where the Monks would eat their meals.

    I took out my earpiece and sat still. Only small groups are allowed in for 15 minutes.
    The painting is well worn but still colourful. Many restorations have been done.

    All I know about the story is that Jesus and his disciples had just discovered that someone has betrayed Jesus and they were discussing whom it could be.

    Tour finished, we hail a cab to catch our 1.5hr train to Como.

    We are squished on the train and Athena has to hold our cases as they go rolling away on every turn!

    We arrive at Como and it is bustling with people and cars.
    We both wish we had booked more days in Monterosso as it was heavenly quiet.
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