• Day8

    Angelos boat tours

    August 24, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We start the day by wandering around Monterosso old town.
    I buy a pot holder with anchovies on it.
    (the little blue fishies look cute)

    Walk into the striped church which displayed photos of major flooding. Another gelato.

    At 12.00 we met Linda, the host, and Alessandro, the driver, at the harbour. We boarded with eight others. On a little fishing boat. And chugged along.

    I warmed to Linda straight away. She put on some great music and popped the prosecco.
    George Michael's 'Freedom 90' playing loudly made me bop away. Now this is my kind of boat ride.

    We were chatting to the others and then turned around to face wonderful Vernazza. Gorgeous colours.

    Linda spread food out before us. Olives, focccia, pesto, cheeses, salami, all so yum. She kept pouring the wine and I loved everything.

    We anchored for a paddle next to the cliffs. Snorkel and noodle in hand. I jump off the boat and it is glorious. This water is amazing to swim in. Not cold at all. Very salty.

    Everyone comments and one suggests to bring the tequila next time.

    Athena remains on the boat not willing to go into deep water. Me, I was like a kid and jumped off the boat with a big splash 💦.

    All the swimmers just floated and we all chatted. From Ireland, Canada, Seattle. One 50yr old woman with her daughter said she wants to go to Melbourne as hears it is one of the most liveable cities.

    She is a massive fan of the TV show Offspring. And let me tell you she is talking to the right person. Nina Proudman, Billy and Patrick are discussed. When in the water we all chat so freely and openly.

    One of the ladies says she reckons my blog will be funny because I am funny. Yay!
    I just said 'just keeping it real'

    A storm approaches and wind and rain swell. But I am drunk and don't care at all.

    This boat tour is really personable. Highly recommend. Really, just do it.

    When the trip is over, I am toast. I high five all and wobble off the boat. We head back and rest for an hour. Me to blog and Athena to (definately not sleep 😴)!
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