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  • Day52

    Sanur Bali

    March 22 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Last day here in Sanur. We’ve booked a flight back to the US. Italy not letting people over 60 have ventilators.

    Heading to Semyak for Nypti on Weds and then home on Thurs.

    Stock market plummeted 40%. Hope to regain our losses by buying stocks while things are down.

    The Senate and house are fighting over $. Right wants to give money business and the Dems want more money for frontline workers.

    We wouldn’t have been able to sell the Yellow Submarine now. Dodged a bullet there.

    Also got lucky by pulling money out to purchase Lewistown property and money for building materials. Also got lucky and pulled out $100,000 to help Ryan buy his house.
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