• Day6

    Playa giron day 1 & 2

    April 29 in Cuba ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Playa Giron in English is "bay of pigs". Yes, the same spot on the failed American invasion of Cuba. Which explains the Russian tanks and airplanes displayed center city.

    Now back to the trip. Drive there was a slalom between those stupid red crabs. They live in the forest and migrate to the beach to reproduce. The road is red from their carcass. The asphalt is their cemetery. They can Pierce your tire if your careful. The roads are already tricky because of their huge holes with them, horses on them, sheep's crossing. The crabs are just another variable to the problem.

    Super cute rental at playa Giron. A quick swim followed by an absolutely incredible meal of giant crab (not the roadkills one, they're toxic!!) and fish. Relax on the porch looking at Cubans passing by, off to bed.

    Day two : beach, Snorkeling, diving, sunburn. We did a few wild snorkeling spot with a local guide, Michael did a dive, and after we ended up on a beach, with bar, food and us doing absolutely nothing.

    The night dive Michael wanted to do was cancelled because nothing really works in Cuba, only one person with a license to do night dive by the government, and his compressor was broken and no spare sparts.

    We are starting to understand here that people are Happy but learned to live with shortage of everything. Parcetamol, oil, diesel, deodorant... Money can't buy it.

    Second dinner at la casa, made from ingredients gathered by the owner from the whole village...
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    Michael Berberian

    Michael eating seafood! That's new... 😛

    Monique Janssen

    Ziet er goed uit, lieverds.


    Mooi verhaal [Desiree]