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  • Day57

    Leaving Lambai Island

    November 25, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Another breakfast of chips but this time with an eggy bread sandwich - unsure of the filling. Then time to check out of the Campzone.
    Before heading to the ferry, we managed to sneak in a final attraction on the island, A boar trench. Then we took the scenic route to the Bike Rental and returned the bikes. Walked the short distance to the ferry terminal and realised there was an hour wait for the next ferry back to the mainland. Just enough time to squeeze in another quick snorkel at the beach next to the port.
    Then a speedy and relatively smooth crossing. Before picking the car up from the 24hr car park we wandered through a cool fish market, with all sorts of fresh and dried fish on offer.
    Finally back at the car and made a plan to head South! Found a place to stay a few towns away from the main tourist area. Checked into our accommodation which was all white and blue - very Mediterranean. Then got some lunch from the 7/11 and headed to the beach. Tried the famous bubble tea which was a bit weird. It turned out to be difficult to find a sheltered spot and we started to get sand blasted. So decided to drive to a nearby recommended deer park. Had a walk around the area and through the minor and major gorge and got a good view of the coast.
    On the way back we stopped for dinner at Smokey Joe’s, a chain of Asian tex-mex restaurants. Very tasty and a good atmosphere.
    Then back to the room for a beer and film! Great to have a comfy sofa in the room.
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    Roger Le Poidevin

    That wasn’t a bore trench, it was a boar trench!

    Sally Le Poidevin

    The water had probably bored it’s way through it to start with to make the trench and then the boars used it as their path, luckily we weren’t bored seeing it. So it was an unboring, bored, boar trench xx

    Roger Le Poidevin

    Yes you are right dearest!

    Louis Le Poidevin

    A har