• Day9

    Back to Beijing

    September 27, 2018 in China ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    I enjoyed my last drive through Chinese traffic madness as we arrived at Taiyuan airport. I said my goodbyes and thanks to the newly-weds and Yuans dad for all their hospitality.

    Arriving around 1.30 for a 3.30 flight, I was pretty early but a walk up checkin was still possible. Clearing security and boarding my China Eastern flight to Beijing went smoothly... the flight itself, not so much. It was a bumpy ride, the seatbelt side never coming off for the duration of the 80 minute flight. The landing was a rough one too, so much so it sounded like the wheels almost broke.

    Now, I had just a casual 6 hour wait for my flight from Beijing to Sydney...

    I'd say the time flew by, but it didn't. While waiting for checkin, I received a text to say my flight from Sydney to Melbourne had been cancelled. I'd been moved onto a later flight that just meant extending the journey another hour. Further to my dismay, my checked in bag would have to be reclaimed at Sydbey and then rechecked in.

    The Beijing airport is huge. Its a 20minute bus ride between domestic and international terminals. When u clear security at the international terminal, there's a train to take you to the gates. The international terminal itself is vast and impressive in design with a huge dome ceiling and millions of lights.

    I spent 3-4 hours lingering around the gates.. with astonishingly NO souvenir shops (only dozens of "duty free" = alcohol and smokes and luxury jewellers) I spent a couple hours at a "irish pub". Only 3 menu items of 50 were available.. but some chicken wings, a couple beers and a Starbucks coffee got me to boarding time just after 11pm.
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