• Day14

    Wien (Vienna) Austria

    April 23, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Left my wee site in Ostrovacice after a hearty breakfast provided by my host. At first I felt a bit short changed with four pieces of toast and four slices of cheese for 125 Crowns (£5) but then the four egg omelette with stacks of ham and salad arrived with another six slices of toast (the bread is very heavy here) and as I was finishing my second mug of coffee my host arrived with a "bonus" three layer sponge cake with crushed pistachios and raspberry...oh well no need for lunch. Yesterday morning when I was going for a shower at8.15 my host insisted I join him for a "pivo" , a Czech beer, good way to start the day. Great road from Brno to Vienna, wondered why it was so quiet then I realised I was on a toll road, not sure how I pay for it as there were no booths! Very stressful getting into the city, traffic coming at you from all directions, undertaking, and signs you don't understand, just like driving on the M8 in Glasgow. Settling in with a beer then take the underground into the city later.Read more


    Found a Zumba class in a 15min walk from the Stellplatze (camp site). Nice modern gym and full class, even one other guy! ... however 15 Euro for 1hour class..yikes.

    terri blake

    You should have offered to teach couple of routines and get class for free. Need to work on your Scottish bartering skills ! How you enjoyed it. Great reading about your trip. You should write a book as you have a gift!


    Hi Terri, i gave him a lovely note book and a pen before he left, hopefully Keith will be writing his memoirs as he goes along ;) Are you keeping a diary Keith? Ixxx