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  • Day55

    Le moment décisif.

    March 19 in Tunisia ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    However this is the famous phrase of my favourite photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson,
    We had our own one today.
    After the most unpleasant experience in the mountains of Bargou, were we were chased away, and in the end, found refuge in the home of one of the locals who might felt sorry for us, I booked for the four of us, a AirB&B to take shelter and gave a "think it all over".
    Yesterday we went into town and did some shopping, but much police and army on the roads, and people did not welcome you as foreigner. The full opposites of the days in Algeria.
    I did not feel very comfortable. But I am always a bit .... worried.
    So. I was the one who wanted to stay close to airports and ferry to get away as soon as possible.
    The German government was organising flights back to Germany for their countrymen.
    The Netherlands are very quiet.
    Anyway. It so difficult to leave the country because of the car. It's in my passport, and you need to get it sealed on a parking under customs law. In order to get it of your passport and you are free to leave.
    This is a procedure that costs at least a full day.
    Some we know are already waiting in this process for two days.
    And now. We heard that the Tunisian air space will be closed for all flights.
    And the last flight will be tomorrow, friday evening.
    We are in Sousse. 13.00h. Tunis Airport or any Tunis Douane is 150km away. Tomorrow it's Friday. The holy day for Muslim...
    Maarten en Janne went for it. They quickly loaded up their Landcruiser and drive up to the airport, which I think is the wrong place to be for the Douane, and I hope they drove straight to our friends on the camping in Nabeul who have done 90% of the procedure already.
    But... that's something we mighty hear tonight.
    As you can read.
    The decisive moment.
    We stayed. I don't believe in a God. And I know my Lieske. I think we are safe here. The whole world is a no go,.
    We have everything we need and more, even Johans water kettle is finnaly of good use..;)
    Just trapped in this country and have to wait until corona fades and the borders open again.
    We might return than home.
    Or continue our journey, with a delay of at least 30 days.

    But that's...another
    Decisive moment.
    Love you all!
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