• Day182

    Musé Bardo

    July 24, 2020 in Tunisia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Today is yesterday.
    And we just woke up and had the famous breakfast @Le Calife ;)
    Took a taxi to the Bardo Museum to see the vast collection of Roman mosaic.
    One of the most important collections in the world.
    Also a moment of sadness for the 23 people killed during a terrorist attack in this Museum in 2015.
    We, as traveling archaeologist, ;) had seen a lot of these mosaics, but some of the ones on display were unbelievable beautiful detailed and big!
    We left the -a bit of a maze- Museum around 14.00.
    Popped in a local sandwichebar and had a lunch. Decided to try and walk back to the hotel, 4km.
    But as the sun was high in the sky and burning in our neck.. a taxi was the rescue.
    Back in the hotel we enjoyed the cooling fan of the AC and dozed away for a time.
    Got up to have a walk and a small bite.
    Bed was waiting, as for today..
    We're going to beard the lion in its den..
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