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  • Day16

    Cedar point pt 2

    August 21, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 25 °C

    Wake up fun time at cedar point roller coasters and other rides hey guys and we're at cedar point day 2 and I have something to mention there was some thing that spins around and goes up and down I could not go on it I was too short but I could go on a 120 feet high ride that just makes NO SENSE LIGIT IT IS SO STUPID THAT I CAN GO ON A HARSH ROLLER COASTER BUT NOT A SPINNING ONE THAT GOES UP AND DOWN STUPID RIGHT EVERYBODY AGREES THAT I CAN GO ON IT RIGHT? IF I HEAR A NO I WILL THOUGH YOU OUT A WINDOW ITS STUPID RIGHT?anyway the harsh one was called the mugnum xl 200 but the one I could not go on was called the witches wheel and my favourite ride was called the Gemini (Jem-a-ni)it was a wooden roller coaster it was awesome my second favourite was called the iron dragon it had lots of drop bankings (bankings are things that twist on a roller coaster)
    And you sat in a boat thing that makes you protected so you didn't fall of the coaster oh there where seat belts and a lap bar as well anyway I might leave you here on this line I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I'll see you later!
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