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  • Day50

    Not at all the best day of my journey

    March 17, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    Puh, the second last day of my travel did not all turn out as I had expected it before. Actually, the plan was to go either to Bondi beach or, as the tour guide of the city tour had recommended, to Manly which combines a nice ferry trip, beaches, cliffs and a brewery. Well, no surprise, I had decided for Manly, but in the end I should never go there. The day had started quite well. I had slept relatively well and long - in my single room in the hostel😉. Then, I made my way to "The Rocks" again because I wanted to go to a small souvenir shop that I had discovered the night before. By the time I had been there - and had bought some gifts😂 - it was already 12:30 pm or so; a good time to checkout the Australian hotel that serves an emu and kangaroo pizza and a bavarian "Helles" (a recommendation of the guide of last night's tour). Well, this lunch was the turning point of the day. Unfortunately, I was checking the German news because I had wifi at the Australian hotel. So, I got to know about the planned closure of all EU borders and, to be honest, I started a little panicing. Even though it was really really good, I could not enjoy the pizza anymore. I googled the way to the German consulate in Sydney and walked there after lunch instead of taking the ferry to Manly. I hoped that I could get more information from them. The consulate is located in a high tower, but I could not even pass the security on the ground floor because they told me that the consulate is only open in the mornings. According to their webpage you can phone the consulate between 2:30 and 4:30 pm. Well, I tried it at 2:35 pm, but there was only an automatic voice telling me that they were not open. I decided to go back to the hostel to do more research about the situation on the internet as well as to call the consulate again. By 4:30 pm, I had called them several times, but never reached anything else than the automatic voice. Well, I needed a few hours to kind of convince myself that the chances to get to Abu Dhabi tomorrow and then also to Frankfurt were not so bad. Anyway, I also had doubts the rest of the day. At about 6:00 pm I decided, that my last full day of my journey could not end like this. I went to the beautiful Hyde Park and made my way from there to the Sydney Opera House. So far, I had only seen it from the other side of the harbour. It is pretty impressive to stand just in front of it. And, it is also a great place to just have a rest with the cool architecture and the location at the waterfront. The location and somehow also a little bit the architecture reminds me of the Oslo opera house. I concluded the day with a last guiness (St. Patrick's Day😉) and some nachos at the "Three Wise Monkeys" pub - probably the last pub, bar or restaurant visit for a long time😒 - but, hey, hopefully we all stay healthy!Read more