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  • Day80


    March 17, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌫 19 °C

    I had met a few people who had told me about Estelì being a nice change compared to the rest of Nicaragua as it was a little higher and because of that a lot greener and even a bit cooler (I was actually a little afraid of that as I hadn't been much colder than 30 degrees in the last weeks). My plan was to go here on a weekend trip from Leon on my off days. Now that there was no job to take off days from I still wanted to go there. And as I really needed some nice people around me I was happy Chuck from the bus to Leon had invited me to join him and his friends. He seemed to be a nice guy so his friends should be fun as well.
    I took the bus from Las Penitas to Leon. A girl from my hostel took the same bus but I hadn't really talked to her before (I really hadn't talked much to anybody in Las Penitas). In Leon we both took one of the trucks that run like busses through town from one bus station to the other. The ride was pretty funny. Once we both jumped of at the bus station for Estelì we started talking and figured we were both going the same way. As we kept on talking we realized we had even more in common: the girl was Audrey. One of Chucks friends who was also joining the Canyon Tour the next day! It was nice to not be by myself the whole busride as it took about 4 hours to get to Estelì from Leon.
    Once in Estelì we checked in our hostel were Chuck had already made a reservation for the both of us. It's nice to meet this people who just keep a group together. When we met him we also met the rest of the group. By now we were 7 people doing the tour together the next morning.
    Estelì itself wasn't superspecial but the hostel was really nice and a good place to meet people and go for different tours in the surrounding areas.
    We spend a lot of time with a whole group of people. Sunday morning before I left for Granada together with Miriam we had a typical Nica breakfast: eggs with gallo pinto (rice with beans) and fried plantains. We all worked together and everybody was preparing something. At least the girls. The guys cut the mango (which is not the easiest job) and cleaned the dishes afterwards.
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