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  • Day16

    Topaz Lake

    July 17, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Day 15: Today's morning Antonia started hitchhiking towards San Francisco to surprise her boyfriend picking him up from the airport.
    I planned to hike the Eagle Falls Trail. But all I saw were million of cars. There was no more space for mine.
    So I changed my plans and decided to take a day off at the Pope Beach. Because I only was able to pay by cash I got my first after 2 weeks! 💵 Almost everything you can pay by card 💳 I enjoyed the sun for a while. Suddenly it was getting fuller and louder. I guess the working day of the Americans was over.
    Well I packed my stuff, found a campground on the map and started to get there.
    Wow! The landscape changed dramatically and it was so wonderful! 🏞 My campground was at the Topaz Lake. A huge lake between dry land. Such amazing!

    And hey: welcome to California! 🏖 That state is gonna be my favourite one! I got there and directly felt the summer, the beach, the holiday. And the landscape is awesome! I'm excited for the next days 😇

    Emerald Bay ✔
    Pope Beach ✔
    Amazing roadtrip across California ✔
    Topaz Lake ✔
    Illinois ✅
    Wisconsin ✅
    Minnesota ✅
    South Dekota ✅
    Wyoming ✅
    Idaho ✅
    Utah ✅
    Nevada ✅
    California ✅
    Arizona ❌
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    Juergen Lingen

    Are you still travelling together ?


    Schon, aber momentan ist sie aufm Motorrad ihres Freundes :b