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  • Day20

    San Francisco II

    July 21, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Day 19: At 5:30 I was awakened by a sweeper.
    I drove the car to the sea side and got ready for the day.
    California needs a Californian vehicle. So I exchanged the car today.
    With the new one I got to the downtown of San Francisco, washed some clothes and ate lunch at a San Francisco style diner.
    After all I went to the northern side checking the beach and area around it.
    The whole day I was extremely tired because I slept just about 4 hrs last night.
    Later I continued to Bodega Bay passing the Golden Gate Bridge. On the way I recognized that driving in the direction of western sea side while sunset is not that best decision 🙈 But the view of the sunset after I arrived was pretty cool!

    San Fran diner ✔
    Took some San Fran photos ✔
    Driving over Golden Gate Bridge ✔
    Illinois ✅
    Wisconsin ✅
    Minnesota ✅
    South Dekota ✅
    Wyoming ✅
    Idaho ✅
    Utah ✅
    Nevada ✅
    California ✅
    Arizona ❌
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