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  • Day30

    Fun stuff

    October 14, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    This is a collection of things I found remarkable during the trip.

    - A spitting bowl in a Chinese hotel
    - Martial arts cat
    - The most common WiFi password in China (8 is a lucky number)
    - Interesting English
    - A sign in a men's toilet
    - Caterpillar fungus in Lhasa. Google it ;-)

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  • Day30

    Fun in temples

    October 14, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Hindu temples are very lively places. There are market stands at the entrance and every body is chatting and having fun. And all parts of live are represented. The carvings in the struts represent daily life scenes. And specifically in Shiva temples there are a lot of sexual connotations. And Kamasutra images. Even between animals. Very different to christian churches were these things are not talked about....Read more

  • Day30

    The food post, part 3

    October 14, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    When we passed the border to Nepal, we finally said goodbye to noodle soup. And don’t get me wrong, we both love noodle soup. But in the remote tibetian villages noodle soup meant noodles and water. If you were lucky they had some spring onions on top and there was Chilli on the table.
    But in Nepal there was Dhal Bhat and indian curries, flavoury momos, dosas, bananas and coffee and last but not least a selection of good beers. Mmmh... What a change.Read more

  • Day29

    The food post, part 2

    October 13, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    The further we got out of the cities the simpler (and not better...) the food got. Usually it was noodle soup in the morning, sometimes tsampa. Tsampa is barley flour, which is mixed with yak cheese and sugar and buttertea (it's way better than it sounds). In the evening it was normal sizhuan food, five or six dishes which are shared in the middle of the table and rice. One evening we went a hotpot restaurant, that was really really good. I think everybody ate too much. But we compensated with Schnaps From the big glasses on the counter. In these glasses the Schnaps is aromatised with spices, sometimes with snakes and reptiles.Read more

  • Day28

    Travelling local

    October 12, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Being fed up with taxis, we tried a local bus to get through Kathmandu. Its only a fraction of the price of a taxis and no one wants to sell you anything. But it can be crowded. They seem to pack the amount of people of a Doppeldeckerbus in one van at times😉. And you have to ask around for the right bus. No schedule and no signs on a bus. But a boy shouting out the destination and hitting the site of the bus to signal the driver to stop or go on or watch traffic. So all in all a pretty organized thing.
    And our bus was not too crowded and at least as fast as a taxi.
    Read more

  • Day28

    The big one

    October 12, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    You probably all know that there was a major earthquake in Nepal in 2015. And you can‘t stay in Kathmandu without being reminded of it daily. A lot of buildings have collapsed or need to be supported. And we saw an excellent exhibition in the palace on the reconstruction works going on.

  • Day27

    The food post

    October 11, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Of cause there must be a food post! So this is it. Or maybe part one of it.

    Starting in China we had a classic: Peking duck. And a noodle soup at the Punkrock noodle place. Which was ok but not great. We actually wanted to go to another place but that was (like so often) gone.

    Then in Xining (a very Muslim dominated city) we visited a super good jiaozi (dumplings with different fillings) restaurant.

    In the train it was disappointing: Instant noodles. Not for the last time btw because there were a couple of places in the middle of nowhere where we needed food for the next 1000m of height.

    Surprisingly we had one of the best dinners in a small village about 60km away from Lhasa. A tibetian family cooking excellent Chinese dishes. And for desert we invited ourselves to a a local familie's party and they gave us watermelon (and they took a lot of pictures).
    Read more

  • Day26

    The living goddess

    October 10, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    We visited Kathmandu's living goddess, the Kumari, today. She is said to be a reincarnation of a hinduist god. Right now she is 4 years old. She is living in the Kumari house and shows up once a day. Very strange. She obviously has no idea what is going on. Sorry no photo because....

  • Day26

    Flying down the Himalaya

    October 10, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    So, to reach Nepal, we had to cross one last pass over 5200 m. And afterwards it went downhill. For a long time... Until we finally reached 500 m. Of course this took us a while.
    It was amazing to see the country change around us. From stony, freezing cold canyons in tibet to alpin-like sceneries and finally rice terraces and banana trees.Read more

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