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  • Day44

    Nitmiluk National Park

    June 20, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    The former Katherine National Park / Gorge has been renamed Nitmiluk, the name used by the traditional custodians the Jawoyn and Dagomen people.The river was the foundation to their culture as it provided an abundance of food and water.
    The gorge is located 30km from the township of Katherine and consists of 13 natural gorges carved through sandstone by the river, with rocks and boulders separating each gorge. We took a 2 hour boat trip through the lower gorges where we learned about the history of Nitmiluk National Park which wasn't returned to its traditional custodians till 1989.
    The traditional custodians have allowed a large area to be leased by national parks but there are areas of the land that have significant cultural importance and remain not open to the public.
    One large rock face was used in a movie that stared the first indigenous actor . The film was was called Jeddah ( pic attached )
    We saw freshwater crocodiles sunning themselves. ( pic attached ) We were shown some magnificent indigenous art on a rock face ( pic attached )
    There were areas of the rock face that were covered with plants -the modern day vertical garden. This is truly a magnificent place.
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