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  • Day54


    June 30, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    After 7 weeks and 5 days and some 15,917 kms we now look back on our trip that was better than we could have imagined. This trip has served as a boost to our appetite for us to do so many more.
    Angela feeling very refreshed and ready for work-she was able to find a new nurses outfit for the occasion-pic attached.
    Our final wrap :
    1 - Having a good quality thermos, a plentiful supply of Extra spearmint gum, Werther's Original lollies and washable coffee/ tea cups a major priority.
    2 - Western Australia has to be commended for its roads-to think population size compared to the states area is truly amazing.
    3 - You could tell you had crossed the border from WA to NT by the deterioration in road quality.
    4 - Does WA really need speed limits of 110 on minor winding roads ?
    5 - Does NT need speed limits of 130 on its major roads ?
    6 - Victoria so needs to take note of television advertising in both WA and NT .....
    We don't recall seeing one fast food / junk food add entire time in both states.
    They had fantastic community adds from how great Dad's are, supporting biodiversity in farming,
    supporting people with disabilities and giving them opportunities to do things they love, encouraging improvement in reading and writing, making sure your kids get enough good sleep and healthy food so they will be able to do their best at school and of course discouraging smoking, family violence, alcohol consumption.
    7 - We didn't see any gambling ads even before or during the football, unlike in Victoria.
    8 - Both the Kimberley and Pilbra far exceeded our expectations
    9 - It was great to see so many national parks and important land marks are being known by their indigenous names and not by the names given by early white settlers.
    10 - Young Mawson was such a great backseat passenger-never once did he complain or ask " are we there yet ".
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